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i think rayquaza shiny should be black here too i mean every1 like's shiny rayquaza right?
Right but its accuracy in big issue but all in rayquaza is awesome............ its colors it's moves and it's designed..... or it's power all is best
It should be black and who doesnt like a rayquaza its a barrel of profit 25 mil + for a bad 1.
yes it shud be black when its shiny.
in every game it is so why not in this one?Tongue
It is black in this game thats gud. But the color of like the fiery strands coming from him i think shud be blue just an opinion because ive seen it like dat. 1. Looks cool. 2. Should be more than just 1 color difference from shiny mega rayquaza and normal mega rayquaza .3. Would be gud motivation to spend 2.5 bil on a shiny mega rayquaza.
i see wut you mean.. could be cool

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