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hai everyone today  i am going to sell shiny-dialga                                                                                    starting bid :30m                                                                          auction ends:14-4-17                                                                                                                                                                                                           Have a Nice Day/Night/Afternoon   

35,000,001 Tongue
(2017-04-12, 04:43 PM)hasansadawi100 Wrote: thanks for the reply
XD i forgot im poor woops soz
lol hasan... vivek no offense but that shiny dialga isn't the best... and i'm not so sure its auction worthy... my advice is to put it in bazzar for 35,000,000 and wait for someone to buy it and btw 35,000,000 is rlly pushing it
yea true
why, it is not worth 35m
um I think its worth around 15-25 million depending on who is buying it and how much they want it
ok then i will change it to 30m
now also no one is making the offer ILuvEevee
anyone interested, u need to just offer 30m
no one is interested
the auction ends in 5min
auction ended hasansadawi100 should have got it but he donot have money so no one gets
Vivek don't be impatient trust me u get more things accomplished when u wait... I found that out the hard way... also your not supposed to post more than twice in a row on forums
your dialga is worth like 15m max
this is the last post of mine in this auction ,at the end of the auction we should announce who got it that is why i posted like that & sorry, don't take it serious its only a game &zap10 it worth more than 15m

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