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sana cute going out of limits
see all guys sana cute a player of the game she is  going out of limit and even scolding other players simply

[Image: 1685761.jpg]
I agree pratham she should have got a warning but no cm was around Dodgy
there should be a secret cm to ban these guys

kun is the best cm hes always online so i request
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
Secret cm lol nice  Big Grin
kun can handle them
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
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(2015-06-20, 09:08 AM)pratham Wrote: kun can handle them

yes kun will be awesome
yup he can we request cef
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
(2015-06-20, 09:17 AM)pratham Wrote: yup he can we request cef

umm you do that Rolleyes
no kun shouldn't
Topic has become irrelevant, closing thread
Quote:You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.  -Winston Churchill
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