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cef i think you can add that we can set that which type of pokemon we want to get a confirmation massage .  

example : if we want to catch a rare type pokemon snorlax we can search faster for it if we know that we will get a confirmation massage. 

you can set limit like, we can set maximum 3 types . so if i want to hunt for rare i can set shiny , legend and rare type so i will get confirmation massage if i will ran from that type of pokemon.Rolleyes
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yes this suggestion is good
I mean, why nerf hunting even more? It was only nerfed because so many people complained about running from higher classes, but no one complains about the lower classes. We should at least leave one aspect of hunting up to the players innate skill and not reward them for running fast.
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Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

i think current system works pretty good. dont planning making it even further easier

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