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ominous wind/silver wind/ancient power ect...
iv noticed this happen several times but always fogot to post it...

move says when damaging foes...not only was target immune...moves ablitiy still went off also the stat boost also incresed accuracy, evasion, and critical when its not spouse to....
I actually don't know how to feel about that, on the one side it's good.
But on the other, it's unlogic and also kinda easymode if you simply can get your stat boost by not fulfilling the requirements and even on immune foe's , so i think it should be changed.

M30 - Galliant
I dunno, but maybe the code is in such a way that all attacks hit the opponent. Moves such as CM, NP, hits the opponent with a 100% chance of boosting. If that is the case, then it is the reason why those moves should still give the boost, we don't want cm to fail against dark types.

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