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Its hard too keep up with pokemon events happening
so i think there should be some form of notification like in pm.All we have to do is enter the name of 5-10 uncatchable poke and when the event is going on we get a notification when the event is happening or before the event
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good idea. we can set starters . so when starter come we will get a pm.Rolleyes
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I think that if you check the chat every now and then, you can find those you want.
My pm-box, like a lot of other users, is often times full.
If after that, I still have to look for each and every notification about something I need/want.. I'd go crazy.

So I'm not disagreeing in general, but I do like the event chat actually
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I agree with you on that capt.
maybe we can get notified by other ways
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events are randomly started no prior info

u have to check events chat box
ok cef
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