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maximum guard x stats reset
i was battling a cresselia and use my s jirachi move cosmic power in order to increase my defenses. cresselia uses mist and reset both stats changes. i was thinking if this is ok cause s jirachi has maximum guard wich means the mon stats can´t be reduced by enemy moves. So it´s work this way or it´s a glitch ? 

[Image: 08c6e384e1.jpg]
Think about this for a second:

You have maximum guard and you do buffs (increasing all your stats) and won't decrease no matter what you do, so you will be having Jirachi or any other pokemon with maximum guard with +5 on stats without being able to decrease. Don't you think that's pretty much unbalanced?

Maximum guard won't make your original stats (the stats that you go into battle) be lowered. However, stats that were increased can be lowered so from +5 to +2 until it reaches to its normal stats and then they can't lower it into -1 etc
I do think that has a way to make this without be unbalanced but i understood your point of view. Ty for the answer!
No problem, you can PM me if you have any more questions or make threads like this one and I'll answer as soon as possible

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