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How about creating store bought items that increase the chance of find pokes based on their class. Price the items based on the pokemon class such as 
cost: rare class item 10m ...increase chance by 10%
        ultra rare 20m ... " " " 5%
        legendary 40m ... " " " 2%
        shiny 100m ... " " " .5%

These items last for like 15-30min, enabling ppl to hunt lower class finding what they want frequently and for the people that want to gamble on a shiny they have a pay a high risk to increase chance, not guaranteeing a catch.

Item would also increase the pace of ev training your pokes, targeting the class the poke is listed under.
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no more nerfing to hunting >.< plz. no support from me.
i guess that is good idea,,
but that is for rich hunter,,
Huh confused what i must comment

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Same for me.. hunting doesn't need to get easier.
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(2015-10-16, 02:01 PM)umarwaseem439 Wrote: no more nerfing to hunting >.< plz. no support from me.

lol curry just got bored v.v
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I'll agree only if it ALSO causes the stats on the pokemon to double, or even triple.
HAHAHA no! No way do we need even easier hunting!
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Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

(2015-10-18, 12:43 AM)ch17175 Wrote: HAHAHA no! No way do we need even easier hunting!

like i said was a request out of boredom -.- n actually it's not easy if u have 15mins to catch a legend or higher with that rate...u will lose money due to not catching nothing especially if u pay 100m for a shiny item. If u catch a shiny I doubt u would catch more than two and base on their iv or the poke u probably won't even get 100mil back from selling or a small 20-40mil profit.
Also legends sell for 3-10m n ppl are not buying them like candy being somewhat worthless unless they are perfect with nature n high iv. Item would allow you to farm for lower class pokes to get better iv n such.

Again was this is not something i'm dying to have but have some reasonable aspect to it.
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