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guide for the game
you can send pm to a player see the profile of a player offer pvp battle to a player and see the local country of a player with the help of the icons made below a players name in the chat box.
[Image: pm.png][Image: user.png][Image: battle.png][Image: IN.png]
you can either offer a player a normal pvp battle or a computer controlled pvp battle in which your opponents pokemon will be controlled by the computer.
you can buy old road which is the weakest rod, from the market in 25,000 gold the good road which is the second best road, in 150,000 gold and the super road which is the best road,in 500,000 gold for catching pokemon from the water surface.
all your badges willl be displayed above like this
[Image: Normal.png][Image: Grass.png][Image: Ice.png][Image: Ground.png][Image: Rock.png][Image: Fire.png][Image: Electric.png][Image: Fairy.png][Image: Fighting.png][Image: Steel.png][Image: Psychic.png][Image: Flying.png] [Image: Bug.png][Image: Water.png][Image: Poison.png]
 and if don't have any badges then it will be written you dont have any arena badges 

you can click on this icon [Image: my_team.png] and you can remove the held item which your pokemon is holding you can release your pokemon to wild you can see its details and you can transform your pokemon to its next stage 

 you can use this [Image: bag.png] and use any of your items

                                thanks for reading[/url]
very nice thread guyCool
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Thanks for your sharing about guideline for the online games. It is useful for me,
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