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collection of drawings - by Trainer_Sven
I'm planning to post more Pokemon-related pictures in this thread, but so far I only created one so far. it's my fan-version of a Mew & Ditto, a new species ...which is using one hand to cover its second eye, while the other arm with Ditto's DNA isn't having that much details like claws at all. that Pokemon faces the camera, so its legs still stay hidden and unknown yet.

I thought about adding some blades of grass for the background or maybe a sky, sun or something similar. then I decided to use this version instead. feedback is welcome for all of my pictures, I'm also open for suggestions which Pokemon other members and fans want to see drawn by me.

there's also another drawing made by me in this post:

No offense but it looks more like a Snorlax. Good Job none the less.
thanks ILuvEevee for your opinion, and sure my drawings can remind users on other Pokemon. I also made a fan-version of "Rotom Dex".

it hardly looks like the original, but why not drawing a different version instead? :-)

its original is having legs, but I wanted to make my version look like teeth or legs ...which reminds me on Diglett's rumours, if there's a nose or an open mouth with a single tooth.


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