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As you can see, there are two empty options here in the following picture.. 

what my idea is that it would be a great thing to add a wishlist option in one of them .. Now, in this wishlist trainers can add or remove the pokemons from which they don't want to run...

Quote:for example, someone is hunting a Slakoth and while spamming R(RUN AWAY) , he misses a Slakoth ..
So, to avoid running away from a pokemon that we are hunting, this wishlist would come into play and if he have added slakoth or a pokemon that we are hunting , because of this wishlist , a dialogue box will appear to confirm if we want to run away or battle ..As it does for ultra rare, legendary and shiny pokemons..

this wishlist can be used only for commons, uncommons and rares.. 

Thank you
Hunting system is already too much easy so no more nerfing to it as it is killing the thrill which once hunting had.So, i don't support ur idea.
#3 is not nerfing.. its not like a counter or something .. just a dialogue box for something that you are hunting and don't want to my opinion, it will only reduce the frustration of everyone .. it will hardly make any difference in hunting thrill..
it is the same thing which happened to ultra rare legends shinies and starters so leave the hunting system as it is.
i support the idea.. i liked
I don't think this idea would work..
(2015-10-13, 09:43 PM)mariongox Wrote: i support the idea.. i liked

Thanks for your support Smile
yaa good idea , i hope this will be add.Smile
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I am not agree with you Pokémon are skipped mistakely this is trainers fault.and this is happened not everyday rarely Pokémon are run away.
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No support since hunting is already too easy , making it any easier would really kill the game
[sub]I don't like this idea because the game is already easy and it would get easier if we do that and you would miss the fun of actually having to slow down to get the pokemon you want.[/sub]
ye it would make the hunting even easier

currently hunting is already easy
Same, no support
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hmmmmmmmmmm Undecided ... as the majority directs ..

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