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Vivillon tournament first Edition
This tournament will be when all place be completed
The prices:

1º: 50m 
2º: 15m
3º: 5m

Places: 8
Mode: 3vs3
Restriction: *the pokemon legendaries not be allowed (legendaries - mega-legendaries - shiny-legendaries - shiny-mega-legandaries)
                *Type choose
To choose a type pokemon to use in the tournament you need buy a 1 vivillon of mariongox market and the choose 1 of 2 type.
Youre 3 pokemon need be the same type what you choose.. the double type be allowed.

For example: 
you buy vivillon-continental and choose poison
available team: *mega-gengar *Muk *Nidoking
not available team: *mega-gengar *Muk *Dragonite  
The type choose is for all tournament you cannot change by the second option

Type pokemon:

Choose 1             Pokemon to Buy
water/fly             Vivillon-savanna
poison/dragon      Vivillon-continental
electric/fight        Vivillon-sandstorm
dark/ground        Vivillon-polar
ice/fairy             Vivillon-pokeball
ghost/rock          Vivillon-river
psychic/grass      Vivillon-fancy
fire/normal         Vivillon-tundra

When you buy one of this pokes send me the pm with youre choose type

To participate you need pay 10m on vivillon.. all money of inscription go to the prices.


mariongox - Vivillon-savanna - water

Read this you cannot take fees from participants and give that to the winner
(2015-10-25, 03:06 PM)Atharvaa898 Wrote: Read this you cannot take fees from participants and give that to the winner

Ok... close the thread :p
Thread closed
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