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Pokemon Pets Version 7.1.0

=== This update is prepared between May 14 - 2022 and May 26 - 2022 ===
[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

1.0) New Elder ranking feature added to the Guild system

1.1) Now Guild Leader and Co-leaders can set including themselves as Elder

1.2) Elder rank having players will be listed as top in the Guild page always

1.3) Elder ranking have no other power at the moment


2.0) Info and alert messages are improved for both PC and Mobile

2.0) Mobile experience should be much better now

3.0) Now game will display maximum allowed turn count for that particular battle type

3.1) E.g., Boss battle is 500 turns, ELO PvP battle is 500 turns, wild Pokemon battle is 5000 turns

4.0) Now battle logs will be cleared once every 75 turns instead of 50 turns

5.0) Now it will display at the battle logs screen on the battle page if you lose the match due to turn limit count

6.0) There was a bug that prevented winner of a ELO League battle to earn 1 score from some battles

6.1) This error has been fixed

6.2) Now you will lose at least 1 points and you will win at least 1 points even if the gap of ELO Score of players are really big

7.0) A new awesome feature has been added to the game

7.1) Now if you encounter a Pokemon which is not registered in your Pokedex event ( it will display an info panel

7.2) If you try to run away from this Pokemon, it will alert you and ask whether you are sure or not

7.3) This new feature can be turned-on or turned-off from user control panel :

8.0) A new awesome permanent event has been started

8.1) This new event has been sponsored by our great player Snor

8.2) For this event, we have added 2 new hidden special Arena to the game

8.3) Training Arena :

8.4) Knowledge Arena :

8.5) These 2 new arenas are hidden from path finding

8.6) The NPC trainers in these arenas are manually composed

8.7) These arena NPCs give more reward than other arena trainers

8.8) You can only battle 1 time per day with the leader of these arenas even if you lose

9.0) Along with 2 new Arena, we have now 2 new badges that you can collect

9.1) Training Badge and Knowledge Badge

10.0) Now, when you collect 21 badges, you will be able to use a special user sprite Snormagedon :

11.0) All Pokemon on all maps have been shuffled / re-assigned according to our algorithm

11.1) If you have algorithmic suggestions to improve our Pokemon shuffling, please message me on discord

12.0) All NPCs on all maps have been shuffled / re-assigned (except manually set trainers such as Arena Leaders)

12.1) Pokemon teams of all NPCs on all maps have been shuffled / re-assigned (except manually set trainers such as Arena Leaders)

13.0) Previous Daily Boss Battle logs are erased due to NPC shuffling

13.1) You have to re-do your daily boss battle if you have already done before the update on May 26

14.0) PvP Battle logs history cleared
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I have a team in the game? What gym?
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

(2022-06-15, 02:58 PM)ch17175 quordle Wrote: I have a team in the game? What gym? 

(2022-06-15, 02:58 PM)ch17175 quordle Wrote: I have a team in the game? What gym? 

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