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PokemonPets Version 5.5.0

=== August 26th 2020 ===
[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

1.0) If you have Gold Medals, you can start a Global 100% EXP and Gold boost event which will boost rewards from all battles, for all users!

1.1) This event will last 6 hours.

1.2) If there is already an ongoing event that grants 100% more EXP / Gold or more, then the player will be unable to spend their Gold Medals to start another event.

1.3) If there is already another event but gives less than 100%, your event will start and temporarily override the other event until it ends.

1.4) You can start global Gold Medal event from the Reward Shop page. The cost is 1 Gold Medal.

2.0) The Global Patron Bonus system has been added to the game.

2.1) Please read more information from its official page.

3.0) Multiple system algorithm improvements have been performed, which increased the performance of the Battle Result Screen loading time.

3.1) Now, battle result page speed will be up to 50 times faster.

4.0) Now, you can faint your Pokemon in NPC battles as well.

4.1) This means that if you get locked on a battle where you can't switch, and both you and your opponent cannot be defeated, you won't have to waste 1000+ turns until the enemy runs out of PPs.

5.0) There have been multiple fixes on current moves' mechanics, so now they work as intended:

a) Defog: Removes all stat changes from both the enemy and the user (e.g. Attack +1 becomes 0 and Defense -1 becomes 0).
b) Metal Burst: Returns 1.5 times the damage dealt by the foe’s last attack.
c) Mist: Removes all stat changes from both the enemy and the user (e.g. Attack +1 becomes 0 and Defense -1 becomes 0).
d) Natures Hardship: Deals damage equal to 50% of the opponent’s remaining HP. It always deals at least 1 HP of damage (as long as the enemy is not type immune).
e) Spikes: Deals damage equal to 25% of the opponent’s remaining HP. It always deals at least 1 HP of damage (as long as the enemy is not type immune).
f) Stealth Rock: Deals damage equal to 25% of the opponent’s remaining HP. It always deals at least 1 HP of damage (as long as the enemy is not type immune).
g) Switcheroo: Swaps the stat changes (both positive and negative) between the enemy and the user.

6.0) The visual appearance of global bonuses shown in the top left of the game screen has been adapted and improved.

7.0) The visual appearance of the Pokemon Events Announcements in the chat channel has been improved.

8.0) Now, you can start your own Pokemon on map event from Reward Shop page with 10 Silver Medals.

8.1) The event will have the same properties as an automatic global event, but it'll be from the selected Pokemon.

8.2) Your name will be displayed in front of the event message.

8.3) To start your event type Pokemon ID or Pokemon Name on the Reward Shop page and click bring details. Then "Spawn as event" button will appear.

8.4) Please check the Reward Shop page for more information.

9.0) Now, fusion Pokemon will not be catchable as normal pokemon on maps anymore.

9.1) Fusion Pokemon will appear on maps only as Pokemon events (the one you see from the "Pokemon Event Announcement" tab).

a) With 80%, a non-catchable Pokemon on the current maps will appear.
b) With 5%, a Shiny fusion Pokemon will appear.
c) With 15%, a non-Shiny fusion Pokemon will appear.

9.3) You can spawn fusion Pokemon too as event from the Reward Shop page.

10.0) Now you can not directly get new Pokemon from the Reward Shop page with Silver Medals.

10.1) There will be a cool-down period until you get the new added Pokemon with Silver Medals.

10.2) This cool-down will apply to only new Pokemon added with Version 5.5.0.

10.3) The cool-down will last for 6 months, until February 1st, 2021, at 13:27.

10.4) If you capture that particular Pokemon on maps, you will be able to get it with Silver Medals without the cool-down waiting period.

10.5) Once you captured it on maps, it will be registered to your Pokedex Event page so you can track your captures.

11.0) Huge improvement to the Pokemon TM moves system. Previously, each Pokemon were limited to a maximum of 100 TM moves. The system has been upgraded to allow up to 400 different TM moves.

11.1) The TM move pool of existing Pokemon has been updated, and now some Pokemon can learn hundreds of TM moves. Check out your favorite Pokemon moves list!

12.0) Now, at Set your Pokemon team page, you can filter your Pokemon by Ability Change or Nature Change activated.

13.0) Now, while being on the Adventure page, at the map you are currently on if there is an active Pokemon event, it will be displayed at the right top of your map panel.

13.1) This small notification will also have a timer so it will make hunting more fun!

14.0) In order to reward users doing harder zones instead of just staying comfy on lower gyms, rewards of all NPC trainers in the next zones have been increased by the following percentages:
a) +20% more Gold and EXP on the Ghost zone.
b) +40% more Gold and EXP on the Dragon zone.
c) +60% more Gold and EXP on the Dark zone.
d) +80% more Gold and EXP on the Mixed zone.

14.1) We plan to improve reward algorithm in future after adding Galar Pokemon.

15.0) Patron system updated and improved. Read more on :

16.0) Very useful new filtering options added to the Map Searching page

16.1) Now you can filter pages to capture your missing Pokemon or event on maps Pokemon or Pokedex Capture all Pokemon event

16.2) Checkout more on Map Searching page : 

17.0) All Pokemon and NPC on maps are re-assigned / shuffled

18.0) When using the Ultimate Arcanum item, you had to select a move for the item to be used. However, this item refreshes PP of all of the moves that particular Pokemon has

18.0) Now you don't have to select a move for this item to be used. Thus, it will be quicker

19.0) The following Pokemon have been added to the game:

Pokemon Class Uncommon
[Image: 16228-Alolan-Houndour.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Rare
[Image: 16229-Alolan-Houndoom.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Ultra Rare
[Image: 12033-Aegicham.png] [Image: 12035-Trevenine.png] [Image: 12038-Avasteelor.png] [Image: 12039-Beezor.png] [Image: 12040-Brelphox.png] [Image: 12041-Carvee.png] [Image: 12044-Lycanmo-o.png] [Image: 12053-Volcameow.png] [Image: 12055-Necrolycan.png] [Image: 12056-Luxzor.png] [Image: 12059-Ligreleon.png] [Image: 12062-Sumbreon.png] [Image: 12063-Tsareist.png] [Image: 12067-Escadesh.png] [Image: 12068-Ninetiss.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Legendary

[Image: 12032-Absselia.png] [Image: 12034-Ralpunny.png] [Image: 12036-Dianeas.png] [Image: 12037-Lycantina.png] [Image: 12042-Celesteon.png] [Image: 12043-Giranine.png] [Image: 12045-Lugarde.png] [Image: 12046-Darkrine-Oh.png] [Image: 12047-Zekalyena.png] [Image: 12048-Lushikrom.png] [Image: 12049-Lycanalga.png] [Image: 12050-Rayquory.png] [Image: 12051-Solunawo.png] [Image: 12052-Umbrai.png] [Image: 12054-Zecrora.png] [Image: 12057-Xerstrika.png] [Image: 12058-Ralkyena.png] [Image: 12060-Zentei.png] [Image: 12061-Luxkrom.png] [Image: 12064-Yveleas.png] [Image: 12065-Sylgardie.png] [Image: 12066-Scislash.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Mega Uncommon

[Image: 8167-Mega-Ledian-Fighting.png] [Image: 8300-Mega-Delcatty-Nix.png] [Image: 8304-Mega-Mawile-Kuma.png] [Image: 8400-Mega-Bibarel.png] [Image: 8401-Mega-Kricketune.png] [Image: 8443-Mega-Chatot-Symphony.png] [Image: 8735-Mega-Gumshoo.png] [Image: 20020-Mega-Alolan-Raticate.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Mega Rare

[Image: 8165-Mega-Noctowl-Hail.png] [Image: 8193-Mega-Sunflora-Solar.png] [Image: 8207-Mega-Girafarig-Dark.png] [Image: 8215-Mega-Scizor-Dusk.png] [Image: 8278-Mega-Swellow-Snow.png] [Image: 8339-Mega-Zangoose-Noxious.png] [Image: 8431-Mega-Mismagius-Countess.png] [Image: 8442-Mega-Spiritomb.png] [Image: 8495-Mega-Abomasnow-Tauro.png] [Image: 8572-Mega-Zoroark-Illusionist.png] [Image: 8590-Mega-Escavalier-Phantom.png] [Image: 8622-Mega-Mienshao-Tidal.png] [Image: 8626-Mega-Bouffalant.png] [Image: 8684-Mega-Aromatisse-Miasma.png] [Image: 8692-Mega-Dragalge-Loch.png] [Image: 8704-Mega-Heliolisk-Fossil.png] [Image: 8733-Mega-Toucannon.png] [Image: 8741-Mega-Oricorio-Baile.png] [Image: 8744-Mega-Oricorio-Sensu.png] [Image: 8746-Mega-Lycanroc-Shadow.png] [Image: 8754-Mega-Lurantis.png] [Image: 8755-Mega-Lurantis-Bouncer.png] [Image: 8778-Mega-Mimikyu-Bear.png] [Image: 8779-Mega-Mimikyu-Dark.png] [Image: 8782-Mega-Mimikyu.png] [Image: 20026-Mega-Alolan-Raichu.png] [Image: 20028-Mega-Alolan-Sandslash.png] [Image: 20038-Mega-Alolan-Ninetales.png] [Image: 20229-Mega-Alolan-Houndoom.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Mega Ultra Rare

[Image: 8060-Mega-Arcanine-Galaxy.png] [Image: 8140-Mega-Vaporeon-Brute.png] [Image: 8152-Mega-Dragonite-Crystal.png] [Image: 8187-Mega-Sudowoodo-Fighter.png] [Image: 8331-Mega-Flygon-Burrower.png] [Image: 8402-Mega-Luxray-Cyber.png] [Image: 8403-Mega-Luxray-Ghost.png] [Image: 8404-Mega-Luxray-Earth.png] [Image: 8406-Mega-Luxray-Hooligan.png] [Image: 8408-Mega-Luxray-Twilight.png] [Image: 8456-Mega-Glaceon-Gemstone.png] [Image: 8458-Mega-Glaceon-Rose.png] [Image: 8696-Mega-Sylveon-Crystal.png] [Image: 8699-Mega-Aurorus.png] [Image: 8705-Mega-Aurorus-Boreal.png] [Image: 8747-Mega-WishiWashi-School.png] [Image: 8786-Mega-Tapu-Koko-Brawler.png] [Image: 8794-Mega-Buzzwole.png] [Image: 8795-Mega-Pheromosa.png] [Image: 8796-Mega-Xurkitree.png] [Image: 8797-Mega-Celesteela.png] [Image: 8798-Mega-Kartana.png] [Image: 8799-Mega-Kartana-Kirigami.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Mega Starter

[Image: 8393-Mega-Infernape-Midnight.png] [Image: 8396-Mega-Empoleon-Blades.png] [Image: 8497-Mega-Serperior.png] [Image: 8657-Mega-Delphox-Inari.png] [Image: 8725-Mega-Decidueye-Sniper.png] [Image: 8731-Mega-Primarina-Kunoichi.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Mega Legendary

[Image: 8004-Mega-Charizard-Z.png] [Image: 8153-Mega-Articuno-Blizzard.png] [Image: 8252-Mega-Shadow-Lugia.png] [Image: 8496-Mega-Cresselia-Fae.png] [Image: 8807-Mega-Zeraora.png] [Image: 8809-Mega-Melmetal.png] [Image: 9493-Mega-Arceus-Ground.png] [Image: 9494-Mega-Arceus-Rock.png] [Image: 9495-Mega-Arceus-Bug.png] [Image: 9496-Mega-Arceus-Grass.png] [Image: 9497-Mega-Arceus-Electric.png] [Image: 9498-Mega-Arceus-Fairy.png] [Image: 9499-Mega-Arceus-Flying.png] [Image: 9500-Mega-Arceus-Poison.png] [Image: 9501-Mega-Arceus-Ice.png] [Image: 9502-Mega-Arceus-Ghost.png] [Image: 9503-Mega-Arceus-Steel.png] [Image: 9504-Mega-Arceus-Dragon.png] [Image: 9505-Mega-Arceus-Water.png] [Image: 9506-Mega-Arceus-Fighting.png] [Image: 9507-Mega-Arceus-Psychic.png] [Image: 9508-Mega-Arceus-Fire.png] [Image: 9509-Mega-Arceus-Dark.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Uncommon

[Image: 18228-Shiny-Alolan-Houndour.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Rare

[Image: 18229-Shiny-Alolan-Houndoom.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Ultra Rare

[Image: 14033-Shiny-Aegicham.png] [Image: 14035-Shiny-Trevenine.png] [Image: 14038-Shiny-Avasteelor.png] [Image: 14039-Shiny-Beezor.png] [Image: 14040-Shiny-Brelphox.png] [Image: 14041-Shiny-Carvee.png] [Image: 14044-Shiny-Lycanmo-o.png] [Image: 14053-Shiny-Volcameow.png] [Image: 14055-Shiny-Necrolycan.png] [Image: 14056-Shiny-Luxzor.png] [Image: 14059-Shiny-Ligreleon.png] [Image: 14062-Shiny-Sumbreon.png] [Image: 14063-Shiny-Tsareist.png] [Image: 14067-Shiny-Escadesh.png] [Image: 14068-Shiny-Ninetiss.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Legendary

[Image: 14032-Shiny-Absselia.png] [Image: 14034-Shiny-Ralpunny.png] [Image: 14036-Shiny-Dianeas.png] [Image: 14037-Shiny-Lycantina.png] [Image: 14042-Shiny-Celesteon.png] [Image: 14043-Shiny-Giranine.png] [Image: 14045-Shiny-Lugarde.png] [Image: 14046-Shiny-Darkrine-Oh.png] [Image: 14047-Shiny-Zekalyena.png] [Image: 14048-Shiny-Lushikrom.png] [Image: 14049-Shiny-Lycanalga.png] [Image: 14050-Shiny-Rayquory.png] [Image: 14051-Shiny-Solunawo.png] [Image: 14052-Shiny-Umbrai.png] [Image: 14054-Shiny-Zecrora.png] [Image: 14057-Shiny-Xerstrika.png] [Image: 14058-Shiny-Ralkyena.png] [Image: 14060-Shiny-Zentei.png] [Image: 14061-Shiny-Luxkrom.png] [Image: 14064-Shiny-Yveleas.png] [Image: 14065-Shiny-Sylgardie.png] [Image: 14066-Shiny-Scislash.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Mega Uncommon

[Image: 10167-Shiny-Mega-Ledian-Fighting.png] [Image: 10300-Shiny-Mega-Delcatty-Nix.png] [Image: 10304-Shiny-Mega-Mawile-Kuma.png] [Image: 10400-Shiny-Mega-Bibarel.png] [Image: 10401-Shiny-Mega-Kricketune.png] [Image: 10443-Shiny-Mega-Chatot-Symphony.png] [Image: 10735-Shiny-Mega-Gumshoo.png] [Image: 22020-Shiny-Mega-Alolan-Raticate.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Mega Rare

[Image: 10165-Shiny-Mega-Noctowl-Hail.png] [Image: 10193-Shiny-Mega-Sunflora-Solar.png] [Image: 10207-Shiny-Mega-Girafarig-Dark.png] [Image: 10215-Shiny-Mega-Scizor-Dusk.png] [Image: 10278-Shiny-Mega-Swellow-Snow.png] [Image: 10339-Shiny-Mega-Zangoose-Noxious.png] [Image: 10431-Shiny-Mega-Mismagius-Countess.png] [Image: 10442-Shiny-Mega-Spiritomb.png] [Image: 10495-Shiny-Mega-Abomasnow-Tauro.png] [Image: 10572-Shiny-Mega-Zoroark-Illusionist.png] [Image: 10590-Shiny-Mega-Escavalier-Phantom.png] [Image: 10622-Shiny-Mega-Mienshao-Tidal.png] [Image: 10626-Shiny-Mega-Bouffalant.png] [Image: 10684-Shiny-Mega-Aromatisse-Miasma.png] [Image: 10692-Shiny-Mega-Dragalge-Loch.png] [Image: 10704-Shiny-Mega-Heliolisk-Fossil.png] [Image: 10733-Shiny-Mega-Toucannon.png] [Image: 10741-Shiny-Mega-Oricorio-Baile.png] [Image: 10744-Shiny-Mega-Oricorio-Sensu.png] [Image: 10746-Shiny-Mega-Lycanroc-Shadow.png] [Image: 10754-Shiny-Mega-Lurantis.png] [Image: 10755-Shiny-Mega-Lurantis-Bouncer.png] [Image: 10778-Shiny-Mega-Mimikyu-Bear.png] [Image: 10779-Shiny-Mega-Mimikyu-Dark.png] [Image: 10782-Shiny-Mega-Mimikyu.png] [Image: 22026-Shiny-Mega-Alolan-Raichu.png] [Image: 22028-Shiny-Mega-Alolan-Sandslash.png] [Image: 22038-Shiny-Mega-Alolan-Ninetales.png] [Image: 22229-Shiny-Mega-Alolan-Houndoom.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Mega Ultra Rare

[Image: 10060-Shiny-Mega-Arcanine-Galaxy.png] [Image: 10140-Shiny-Mega-Vaporeon-Brute.png] [Image: 10152-Shiny-Mega-Dragonite-Crystal.png] [Image: 10187-Shiny-Mega-Sudowoodo-Fighter.png] [Image: 10331-Shiny-Mega-Flygon-Burrower.png] [Image: 10402-Shiny-Mega-Luxray-Cyber.png] [Image: 10403-Shiny-Mega-Luxray-Ghost.png] [Image: 10404-Shiny-Mega-Luxray-Earth.png] [Image: 10406-Shiny-Mega-Luxray-Hooligan.png] [Image: 10408-Shiny-Mega-Luxray-Twilight.png] [Image: 10456-Shiny-Mega-Glaceon-Gemstone.png] [Image: 10458-Shiny-Mega-Glaceon-Rose.png] [Image: 10696-Shiny-Mega-Sylveon-Crystal.png] [Image: 10699-Shiny-Mega-Aurorus.png] [Image: 10705-Shiny-Mega-Aurorus-Boreal.png] [Image: 10747-Shiny-Mega-WishiWashi-School.png] [Image: 10786-Shiny-Mega-Tapu-Koko-Brawler.png] [Image: 10794-Shiny-Mega-Buzzwole.png] [Image: 10795-Shiny-Mega-Pheromosa.png] [Image: 10796-Shiny-Mega-Xurkitree.png]
[Image: 10797-Shiny-Mega-Celesteela.png] [Image: 10798-Shiny-Mega-Kartana.png] [Image: 10799-Shiny-Mega-Kartana-Kirigami.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Mega Starter

[Image: 10393-Shiny-Mega-Infernape-Midnight.png] [Image: 10396-Shiny-Mega-Empoleon-Blades.png] [Image: 10497-Shiny-Mega-Serperior.png] [Image: 10657-Shiny-Mega-Delphox-Inari.png] [Image: 10725-Shiny-Mega-Decidueye-Sniper.png] [Image: 10731-Shiny-Mega-Primarina-Kunoichi.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

Pokemon Class Shiny Mega Legendary

[Image: 10004-Shiny-Mega-Charizard-Z.png] [Image: 10153-Shiny-Mega-Articuno-Blizzard.png] [Image: 10252-Shiny-Mega-Shadow-Lugia.png] [Image: 10496-Shiny-Mega-Cresselia-Fae.png] [Image: 10807-Shiny-Mega-Zeraora.png] [Image: 10809-Shiny-Mega-Melmetal.png] [Image: 11493-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Ground.png] [Image: 11494-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Rock.png] [Image: 11495-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Bug.png] [Image: 11496-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Grass.png] [Image: 11497-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Electric.png] [Image: 11498-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Fairy.png] [Image: 11499-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Flying.png] [Image: 11500-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Poison.png] [Image: 11501-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Ice.png] [Image: 11502-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Ghost.png] [Image: 11503-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Steel.png] [Image: 11504-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Dragon.png] [Image: 11505-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Water.png] [Image: 11506-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Fighting.png] [Image: 11507-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Psychic.png] [Image: 11508-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Fire.png] [Image: 11509-Shiny-Mega-Arceus-Dark.png]

[Image: 49033776151_6c36d737f5_o.png]

20.0) Many of the existing Pokemon artworks has been updated and improved!

20.1) We have replaced the colour of Shiny Pokemon with similar to the one found on Pokemon anime.

[Image: W2p1NN3.jpg]
[Image: DeGO59l.png]
[Image: aBj1uwG.jpg]
[Image: mzSHdTw.png]
[Image: uPSJmbf.png]

push v
The visual appearance of the Pokemon Events Announcements in the chat channel has been improved.
I just got here a little while ago, and it's great. I was really drawn in by the piece of information you have here. Thanks a lot for making such a great blog page quordle
The Pokemon Event Announcements in the main conversation have been given a facelift.
In the main topic, the Pokemon Event Announcements have been updated.
Game is a free, multiplayer online drawing and prediction game. A typical game consists of a handful of rounds.

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