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Game link >
Game Register link >
Official Discord channel (definitely join) >
Official Facebook page >
Official Twitter page >
Previous version update logs >

1) We have had reset ELO scores after we have discovered an important bug and fixed it in ELO system. However, recently we have noticed that we forgot to reset revenge history. Obviously some players abused this. Thus, all ELO system is reset again including revenge history. So your ELO scores are reset back to 400

2) 62 new battle animations added to the game. Also we have updated how we preload the battle animations. Now they should work smoother than before. You can see all of the current battle animations as a video from here >

3) New Pokemon eggs system added to the game

Full detailed information about Pokemon eggs system can be found in this thread >

4) New item has or not filter added to the set your Pokemon team


5) Events ending time in general chat format is synced with the game time format in upper right screen of the game

6) All Pokemon maps and NPCs on maps are re-assigned

7) Following Pokemon added to the game

[Image: 2731-Shiny-Pikipek.png] [Image: 4058-Growlithe-Sabertooth.png] [Image: 4059-Arcanine-Sabertooth.png] [Image: 6058-Shiny-Growlithe-Sabertooth.png] [Image: 6059-Shiny-Arcanine-Sabertooth.png] [Image: 6095-Shiny-Crystal-Onix.png] [Image: 8409-Mega-Rampardos.png] [Image: 10409-Shiny-Mega-Rampardos.png]
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shiny pikapik and shiny cristal onix have just been updated with a new pic...
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