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Various Glitches/ Problems
Needs to be fixed:

-Defeated Today, All zones gives nothing. See pictures in link.

When moving from one trainer to another in one giant step eg 9 steps with button, fight button doesn't show.
Refresh and move to see normal button. See pictures in link.

-When giving two or more different evs and the ev bar will be past full, none of the evs are given whether its the same Evs or several different EVs
-Gaining ev points, but not gaining in the actual stat. Probably not an error, but some level 100s cannot change their actual stats because of this.

Faulty link
-SeeUserProfile.aspx "How do ranks and total points get calculated" should be this.

-When filtering ivs, changing the stats to filtered gives bad results, needs to go back and choose the new stats. Changing the numbers for the same stats work.

Images Here!!!
thanks for reporting some of them will be fixed

i did not understand Eving what do you mean ?

and i dont see any images you failed to upload i suppose

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