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Training style is different to each other
My training style captured pm in smaller level ....level 15 to 25.......and give him a experience share ...for gain a exp.and another is big level or how are gain experience above 70 ...i give him macho brace for her ev points like increased for attack..defense.... sp attack...sp defense point for more stonge lots of player can used this type of strategy and lots are only used experience share they give 1 ex share 2.and 3 only for experience..... they ignored or not know marcho brace is better for pokemon who is greater than 70 level ......for makes him stronger... and equal to best pm of game ultra rarer ...same may be stonger like legendary my garchop.and haxorus and now its mage its to more awosome than other to me i say that who is do this type of training to trained her pm .....awosome..because it's save her energy or time ....and selected all 4 pm ur best legendary pm and who is ur favorite and strongest in ur view.....thanx for give me ur prestigious time 
A few example or my teams
1. current is give pm marcho brace
nice job
Nice If you have suggestions on clan names or codes, or want to join my clan, you are free to message me
I'm very happy about this because it taught me a very important and useful lesson. It taught me to value what other people share so I can lessen the stress in my life age of war
I like this way

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