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The Dere Thread (For Anime)
This thread is for you to post what anime you are currently watching, have watched, or plan to watch.

Basically, your anime list!
(I need this too because.. My list expands)

Currently Watching
Akame Ga Kiru
One Piece
Naruto Shippuden
Sword Art Online II
Psycho Pass
Gurren Lagaan
Hellsing Ultimate
Fairy Tail

Plan to Watch

Already Watched

(everything to be updated for me)
Currently Watching: Tokyo Ghoul / Barakamon

Plan to watch:

Already watched: 500+
Currently Watching : Akame Ga Kill
Plan to watch : Psychopath, Tokyo Ghoul
Already Watched : Ain't nobody got time fo dat
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...
Currently Watching
Akame Ga Kill
One Piece
Sword Art Online II

Donten ni Warau
Log Horizon

Plan to Watch
Half of what's coming out.

Already Watched
Sorry, my memory isn't that good.

There's a site for this kind of thing fyi, if you're actually using this to keep track.
Currently Watching - Nothing...
Plan to Watch - Mushishi, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Already Watched - Little Busters, Monogatari series, Mekakucity Actors, other...
Dragon ball (Z , Super etc) , Bakugan , One punch man and Pokemon ofc :p
Watched already - DB, DBZ, DBGT, all pokemon animes
Watching - Pokemon XY&Z, Dragonball Super
Watched-quiet a few animes xD
Watching-Currently Ft,Digimon and Pokemon
Watched : Every episodes of Pokemon Series, Dragon Ball Series, Naruto Series, Power Rangers(long ago), Digimon(old) which have skull graymon or something and many more (can't count)

Watching : Pokemon XY&Z, Dragon Ball Super

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