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Team member Origin Stories
Since people seem to like to roleplay about their Pokemon, i open this thread, for that exact purpose, feel free to share the Stories of your team pokemon, or any Pokemon you caught.
With that being said, i will do the Start and eventually update it, to provide you all some stories about them Tongue

[Image: 8212-Mega-Scizor.png]
Mega-Scizor A.K.A. : Crimson
Looks and Characteristcs : Crimson got a smooth and metallic Crimson-Red skin. Due to it's hardness, there are no scars or scratches on it.
Crimson is always serious, he always keeps a fighting stance.
When it comes down to fighting, Crimson always acts totally focused, cool and calculating.
He is very protective, and never rushes things.

Back when i started my journey, i only had my starter, so i decided it would be the best to catch some other pokemon.
After a while of hope smashing, dream shattering and down letting encounters, i stumbled upon a Scyther.
The Scyther was what looked like ... training.
He beaten other wild pokemon with swift and precisely landed moves, letting it look so smooth and almost as if he doesn't fear anything. Dodging, taunting, devastating.
After he beaten those other pokemon, he was still in a battle stance, eventhough there was no danger for him anymore.
Ultimately our eyes met.
By the look of his determined eyes i could already tell, that "Battle" was definetely not a foreign term for him.
After seeing him battle, and having the chance to see that look of him, i told myself in my thoughts :"Phew, what a great thing that i'm a good trainer, and already got my mudkip to evolve into swampert"
The Scyther, unexpectedly, didn't attack me right away, it appeared as if it was more like ..... asking me for the battle.
After being brought a bit out of concept, i turned to my Swampert next to me, which was already waiting for my reaction.
I nodded to swampert, then turned to that Scyther and nodded in acceptance.
After both pokemon positioned themselves, i ordered swampert to go for it.
Seeing how easily Scyther dodges my moves, i then decided to make full use of Swampert's bulkiness and go for a more defensive approach.
The Scyther attacked relentlessly, swiftly and extremely precise.
You could tell that it had quite some battle experience.
Me - already gone a long way with my swampert- knew how much it could take, so i took the chance and watched the scyther move.
After a while i realised one thing 
It was experienced, and it was good, but it lacked the trainer to provide new strategies with it, i realised, eventhough he could answer all of my moves, he fell back into the same approaches and counters.
So i decided to let swampert "fake" a slow attack, to bait scyther into making a counter, and then let swampert block it's attack and hit it with a devastating point blank hammerarm.
The Scyther already run out of power due to the wild battles before, and the long long battle with my swampert, had a hard time taking that it.
It was Determind.
It refuses to give up.
He struggled getting up on his feet, and had an even harder time standing on those.
i shouted " yo, stop ! there is no need in risking your health pointlessly like that !"
The Scyther then turned towards me with a look which seems to be a mixture of being angry and wondering.
I then shouted again over to it : "you have potential, you are strong, let me work with you, let me make you achieve whatever your fighting for so determined!"i then threw a pokeball while saying : "i will train you ....Crimson"

[Image: 8260-Mega-Swampert.png]
Mega-Swampert A.K.A. : Azure
Looks and Characteristcs : Azure got a light blue skin with orange whisces like structures on the side of his head. Quite some scars cover it's whole body, from the sheer countless battles it has seen. On top, it got some grey-ish flosses on it's back.
He is exrtremely muscular, dwarfing and intimidating quite a lot of other Pokemon.
Azure is battle hungry and addicted to proving his strength, "fear"is a word unbeknownst to him, often picks battles.
He acts calm and reserved, tends to get emotional though.

During the start of my journy, I -of course- had to pick a Pokemon.
In my town, there were quite a few places, in which you could get a Pokemon to get started.  Bulbasaurs, Charmanders, Oshawotts, everything you could think of.
After visiting all of the places, i realised, they were all useless... 
So i ask the owner :"Yo! Don't you got anything useful? I mean.. c'mon, if i want trash, i pick it up from the streets..". Shocked the owner replied :"Well, the others already warned me about your high Standards. I'm afraid, these are the only ones we got, well except you're intending, to steal my own haha".
"Screw this! " i said to myself "which of you garbage doesn't mind to battle?!".
It was a totodile which stepped forward.
"You eh?" I said while checking it out "hmpf, so be it.".
I turned back to face the owner, to tell him my choice.
After clearing everything out, i started my journy.
I traveled not too long, when i already started to get annoyed by my first Pokemon.
After what felt like eternity, full of frustration, disappointment, and annoyance, me and totodile found a swamp-ish lake, in the middle of a dark forest.
It was a bunch of mudkips, playing, swimming, sunbathing, one however was different.
Overwhelmed, i watched that one different mudkip picking on and beating others.
"Sweet" i thought "let's see where this is going".
After not too long, a swampert, supposedly this group's leader,  came and punished the mudkip.
The mudkip got mad, and started to attack the swampert. 
After an expected shortwhiled battle, the swampert tied it's knot, and seemingly exiled the mudkip.
It headed off in my direction, so i made the choice to confront it.
"Twasn't the most brilliant idea, eh?" I said to it from behind" was a funny scene to watch tho, haha".
The mudkip, now enraged, tried to burn a hole into my head with it's stare.
"Hehe, did i made you mad? Well, it was you failing, not me, so don't you get mad at me for stating the truth!". "Anyways, my little blue fella.." i continued. "I feel you, just like you, I aswell am forced to stick to loosers."
Seeing that upon hearing that, it calmed down, i proceeded. 
"Yea, you see, both of us are meant for more... You have potential, i just need to determine-" I send out totodile. "-how much". "Let's fight and see how well we really fit!" I yelled.
The battle began.
After a barrage of water guns and an hail of bites and scratches, which mudkip tanked all, it counter attacked.
It hit with amazing strength for a little guy like he was. 
Eventhough my Totodile was a disgrace of a Pokemon, we ultimately won, probably only due to the  beating mudkip took before.
"Sweet!" I said. "Don't you look down! Can't you see? You and me... are supposed to be a team."
The mudkip stared into the sky, almost as if thanking someone for making his wish come true.
"Shall we then...?" I threw the pokeball.
Upon calling totodile back, and stowing away it's ball, i looked at the ball of my new member "Let's start anew, with you-my journy really begins ... Azure".

Afterwards, i dropped back to my hometown a last time, to return the waste of space named totodile, before kissing this place goodbye-forever.

That should give you an idea and a bit of inspiration, so let's make that thread a thing Smile

M30 - Galliant
I should do one for Blastoise, but my laziness would get in the way.
I am also lazy
even i too am lazy want a hattrick
[Image: 1685761.jpg]
I will write stories for my beldum (now mega-metagross) , tropius (now mega) , tyranitar , charizard , dialga and shiny-dialga  but someday later as my laziness is getting in the way. Tongue
Cause of y'all's laziness... 


M30 - Galliant
nice story blau
[Image: 2655-Shiny-Delphox.png]   

Shiny Delphoz aka Miakoshitora

As I was hunting for s-fennekin
I stop and chatted for a bit in the normal chat
suddenly I forgot I was hunting so I continued from the moment I stepped in a patch of grass out comes s-fennekin
"OMG I found s-fennekin lvl:65" I said
I was really cautious about my actions with this shiny since this was my second shiny ever found.
As my team was nearly dead I sended out my trusty yvealtal for moral support
then I did it I lowered it down to a slight amount of hp and threw my master ball and I did it
I had caught my first shiny the feel was amazing
I felt it was worthy to put it in my team so I did.
Quote:You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.  -Winston Churchill
P.S. Unlisted you can't find me here ;-)
Idk how Blau post img like that so I'll just try this way._.
I may update sometimes...Names and stuff..
I was up 2 my lurkz and all and I viewed a person's profile and I saw they own a Shiny-Metagross.
Ofc,I pm'd the person to request for it and that person said he wantz 200000 gold and idk wat else.(Idk wat the person said)
I offered my Arceus lv100+200000 and I got accepted for a lv110 Shiny-Metagross.
Ever since,my Shiny-Metagross has remained in my team since that one time.
Like above,I was lurkin AGAIN and in Trd Cht,I saw a msg that said"Will trade S-Yveltal for any Shiny-Legend".
So I pm'd that person offering Shiny-Skarmochar.
He accepted.
So I got lv120 Shiny-Yveltal.
Shiny-Xerneas A.K.A Life-Saver Xern
So I lurked AGAIN and idk wat I did,but I ended up PM'ing @phione w/ offers for 2 *Xerneas's
(=This happended earlier than Shiny-Yveltal=)
My Shiny-Skarmochar was declined but I got accepted for Shiny-Mewtwo
I had Shiny-Xerneas in my team ever since^^

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