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Team Plasma (better known as plsma)
Welcome to the official Team Plasma chat room. If you have any questions,comments or concerns pm me if you are interested in joining search plsma when it asks you for a code. If you are a member feel free to talk as much as you want. nonmembers of my guild plz post as little as possible in this chat. thanks
i am now making a bracket for co-leader if you are interested apply by pm and say that you want to be in it if you win you face dumplingkitten8 and if you win that match you become co-leader applications are due 12:00pm EST* september 1st

*Eastern Standard time USA
Now that mega seem to be abandoned, and gamefreak seem to 'want' to drop the ball... as i was thinking, "man, i wish mega is coming bac- oh there IS a game with mega!"

Mega staraptor? Mega haxorus?

Im prbly just dreaming thou.
I see some incredibly important things that have been kept up to date on your site gta 5 cheat codes
I am a new member of this forum. I am interested in some topics here when I am playing my favorite game. I would like to invite everyone to play with me. It is snake game
omg! It's good
Do you know I think I can play snakes for hours
omg crazy
The most terrifying person on the globe is an independent lady who needs no one's approval.

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