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How about using the pokemon % system to add in bad groups such as team rocket and others group with a ultra rare chance of them appearing and challenging you. You won't see them like other npc around the map, they will appear like pokemons. Also their pokes level are based on your top pokemon level so battles won't be so hard.
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Nice idea , maybe it should be added.
(2015-08-02, 05:07 AM)Atharvaa898 Wrote: Nice idea , maybe it should be added.

yeah a way to spice up the game and make hunting pokes a little more challenging and different.
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support u
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Definitely a cool idea!
Nice idea. This idea will be very helpful to all trainers. I support you
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It would be good if a 'run' button will be also added in option otherwise some great hunters don't like to have a break in their hunting
This idea is great
Also you'll have your regular grunts with non legend pokes but rare occasion to battle a leader such as Giovanni having a poke such as Mewtwo.
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nice idea i hope it will be addet and like rivals and stuff
I like it.
very nice idea

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