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Shiny Pokemon artworks are getting updated
One of our best players (LegnaX and who is also talented, started to update our shiny coloring

Today I have made update in the game

There are also several other artworks updated

If you still see older artworks hit left shift+F5 for cache refresh

[Image: 803-Poipole.png] [Image: 804-Naganadel.png] [Image: 805-Stakataka.png] [Image: 806-Blacephalon.png] [Image: 807-Zeraora.png] [Image: 808-Meltan.png] [Image: 809-Melmetal.png] [Image: 2001-Shiny-Bulbasaur.png] [Image: 2002-Shiny-Ivysaur.png] [Image: 2003-Shiny-Venusaur.png] [Image: 2004-Shiny-Charmander.png] [Image: 2005-Shiny-Charmeleon.png] [Image: 2006-Shiny-Charizard.png] [Image: 2007-Shiny-Squirtle.png] [Image: 2008-Shiny-Wartortle.png] [Image: 2009-Shiny-Blastoise.png] [Image: 2134-Shiny-Vaporeon.png] [Image: 2151-Shiny-Mew.png] [Image: 2152-Shiny-Chikorita.png] [Image: 2153-Shiny-Bayleef.png] [Image: 2154-Shiny-Meganium.png] [Image: 2155-Shiny-Cyndaquil.png] [Image: 2156-Shiny-Quilava.png] [Image: 2157-Shiny-Typhlosion.png] [Image: 2160-Shiny-Feraligatr.png] [Image: 2252-Shiny-Treecko.png] [Image: 2253-Shiny-Grovyle.png] [Image: 2254-Shiny-Sceptile.png] [Image: 2255-Shiny-Torchic.png] [Image: 2257-Shiny-Blaziken.png] [Image: 2258-Shiny-Mudkip.png] [Image: 2259-Shiny-Marshtomp.png] [Image: 2260-Shiny-Swampert.png] [Image: 2302-Shiny-Sableye.png] [Image: 2371-Shiny-Bagon.png] [Image: 2372-Shiny-Shelgon.png] [Image: 2373-Shiny-Salamence.png] [Image: 2387-Shiny-Turtwig.png] [Image: 2388-Shiny-Grotle.png] [Image: 2389-Shiny-Torterra.png] [Image: 2526-Shiny-Gigalith.png] [Image: 2658-Shiny-Greninja.png] [Image: 2745-Shiny-Lycanroc.png] [Image: 2800-Shiny-Necrozma.png] [Image: 2803-Shiny-Poipole.png] [Image: 2804-Shiny-Naganadel.png] [Image: 2805-Shiny-Stakataka.png] [Image: 2806-Shiny-Blacephalon.png] [Image: 2807-Shiny-Zeraora.png] [Image: 2808-Shiny-Meltan.png] [Image: 2809-Shiny-Melmetal.png] [Image: 4744-Lycanroc-Dusk.png] [Image: 8649-Mega-Genesect.png] [Image: 8791-Mega-Solgaleo.png] [Image: 8792-Mega-Lunala.png] [Image: 8800-Mega-Necrozma.png] [Image: 10003-Shiny-Mega-Venusaur.png] [Image: 10009-Shiny-Mega-Blastoise.png] [Image: 10134-Shiny-Mega-Vaporeon.png] [Image: 10149-Shiny-Mega-Mew.png] [Image: 10154-Shiny-Mega-Meganium.png] [Image: 10157-Shiny-Mega-Typhlosion.png] [Image: 10159-Shiny-Mega-Feraligatr.png] [Image: 10213-Shiny-Mega-Shuckle.png] [Image: 10254-Shiny-Mega-Sceptile.png] [Image: 10257-Shiny-Mega-Blaziken.png] [Image: 10260-Shiny-Mega-Swampert.png] [Image: 10302-Shiny-Mega-Sableye.png] [Image: 10373-Shiny-Mega-Salamence.png] [Image: 10389-Shiny-Mega-Torterra.png] [Image: 10483-Shiny-Mega-Dialga.png] [Image: 10487-Shiny-Mega-Giratina.png] [Image: 10526-Shiny-Mega-Gigalith.png] [Image: 10658-Shiny-Mega-Greninja.png] [Image: 10791-Shiny-Mega-Solgaleo.png] [Image: 10792-Shiny-Mega-Lunala.png] [Image: 10800-Shiny-Mega-Necrozma.png] [Image: 10801-Shiny-Mega-Magearna.png]
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  • Lucario2000
Ooh very nice, like your work Legnax
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

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Thank you!
I will definitely make more. I just need requests from the players, like: "hey, this shiny version looks like the normal, can you recolor it?" so I can do it. If I get no requests, then I'll continue with the starters and then move to legendaries (and mega versions).
Oh Wow This So Cool I Hope More Of These Come In Other Updates. Good Job Legnax!
<<EDIT>>I just noticed SM-Dialga.
Like it @Legnax
Big Grin IGN:tapubulu
My trade thread
(2019-08-06, 12:26 PM)ch17175 Wrote: Ooh very nice, like your work Legnax
Yes, ch is right as usual. LegnaX, gr8 job Smile
Oh Wow This So Cool I Hope More Of These Come In Other Updates. Good Job Legnax! nice one
I kind of wish some of the pokemon shinies we're accurate though, and not just a change in the artstyle. Like with Zeraora for example, instead of making it's know, the actual shiny, all they did was take the same Zeraora and got a different artist to draw them. Not trying to bash on the artist of "shiny" Zeraora or anything, but they really should've sticked with it's actual shiny colors. (white and green)

And then there's other times where they just straight up get lazy with the "shiny" forms, especially with pokemon like Vivillon and Furfrou's forms. Now with Furfrou, they manage to actually make the shinies of almost all the forms accurate; notice how I said 'almost' though, because they manage to get all of them accurate EXCEPT Furfrou's original form and Kabuki form. Which made absolutely no sense to me, you got the shinies of all the other forms right yet you still manage to get two of them wrong. With it's original form, they did the same thing they did with Zeraora and got a different artist to draw them, but with it's Kabuki form, they did...absolutely no change to it at all.

And then there's...Vivillon and it's forms, which in my opinion, is the most laziest excuse of "shiny" pokemon i've ever seen. And surprisingly the only forms that they got the shinies accurate were it's Pokeball form, Fancy form, and it's mega evolution oddly enough. But that was the only shinies they got accurate, and all the did with the other forms is just made them more saturated and called it a shiny. (And as for Vivillon's 'original shiny' form, all they did was change it from it's Meadow form to it's Modern form, which made absolutely no sense. Though, there being two Meadow Vivillons also makes no sense to me.) Like come on, you're making shiny Pikachu and Garchomp look good, and they actually took the time to redesign Garchomp's shiny!
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Wow. Pokemon is my favourite Smile
They look very good can't wait to see more.
Thank you so much
So lovely
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This is so amazing.
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It's a great collection. I like the first one most.
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