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Shiny Pokemon artworks are getting updated
One of our best players (LegnaX and who is also talented, started to update our shiny coloring

Today I have made update in the game

There are also several other artworks updated

If you still see older artworks hit left shift+F5 for cache refresh

[Image: 803-Poipole.png] [Image: 804-Naganadel.png] [Image: 805-Stakataka.png] [Image: 806-Blacephalon.png] [Image: 807-Zeraora.png] [Image: 808-Meltan.png] [Image: 809-Melmetal.png] [Image: 2001-Shiny-Bulbasaur.png] [Image: 2002-Shiny-Ivysaur.png] [Image: 2003-Shiny-Venusaur.png] [Image: 2004-Shiny-Charmander.png] [Image: 2005-Shiny-Charmeleon.png] [Image: 2006-Shiny-Charizard.png] [Image: 2007-Shiny-Squirtle.png] [Image: 2008-Shiny-Wartortle.png] [Image: 2009-Shiny-Blastoise.png] [Image: 2134-Shiny-Vaporeon.png] [Image: 2151-Shiny-Mew.png] [Image: 2152-Shiny-Chikorita.png] [Image: 2153-Shiny-Bayleef.png] [Image: 2154-Shiny-Meganium.png] [Image: 2155-Shiny-Cyndaquil.png] [Image: 2156-Shiny-Quilava.png] [Image: 2157-Shiny-Typhlosion.png] [Image: 2160-Shiny-Feraligatr.png] [Image: 2252-Shiny-Treecko.png] [Image: 2253-Shiny-Grovyle.png] [Image: 2254-Shiny-Sceptile.png] [Image: 2255-Shiny-Torchic.png] [Image: 2257-Shiny-Blaziken.png] [Image: 2258-Shiny-Mudkip.png] [Image: 2259-Shiny-Marshtomp.png] [Image: 2260-Shiny-Swampert.png] [Image: 2302-Shiny-Sableye.png] [Image: 2371-Shiny-Bagon.png] [Image: 2372-Shiny-Shelgon.png] [Image: 2373-Shiny-Salamence.png] [Image: 2387-Shiny-Turtwig.png] [Image: 2388-Shiny-Grotle.png] [Image: 2389-Shiny-Torterra.png] [Image: 2526-Shiny-Gigalith.png] [Image: 2658-Shiny-Greninja.png] [Image: 2745-Shiny-Lycanroc.png] [Image: 2800-Shiny-Necrozma.png] [Image: 2803-Shiny-Poipole.png] [Image: 2804-Shiny-Naganadel.png] [Image: 2805-Shiny-Stakataka.png] [Image: 2806-Shiny-Blacephalon.png] [Image: 2807-Shiny-Zeraora.png] [Image: 2808-Shiny-Meltan.png] [Image: 2809-Shiny-Melmetal.png] [Image: 4744-Lycanroc-Dusk.png] [Image: 8649-Mega-Genesect.png] [Image: 8791-Mega-Solgaleo.png] [Image: 8792-Mega-Lunala.png] [Image: 8800-Mega-Necrozma.png] [Image: 10003-Shiny-Mega-Venusaur.png] [Image: 10009-Shiny-Mega-Blastoise.png] [Image: 10134-Shiny-Mega-Vaporeon.png] [Image: 10149-Shiny-Mega-Mew.png] [Image: 10154-Shiny-Mega-Meganium.png] [Image: 10157-Shiny-Mega-Typhlosion.png] [Image: 10159-Shiny-Mega-Feraligatr.png] [Image: 10213-Shiny-Mega-Shuckle.png] [Image: 10254-Shiny-Mega-Sceptile.png] [Image: 10257-Shiny-Mega-Blaziken.png] [Image: 10260-Shiny-Mega-Swampert.png] [Image: 10302-Shiny-Mega-Sableye.png] [Image: 10373-Shiny-Mega-Salamence.png] [Image: 10389-Shiny-Mega-Torterra.png] [Image: 10483-Shiny-Mega-Dialga.png] [Image: 10487-Shiny-Mega-Giratina.png] [Image: 10526-Shiny-Mega-Gigalith.png] [Image: 10658-Shiny-Mega-Greninja.png] [Image: 10791-Shiny-Mega-Solgaleo.png] [Image: 10792-Shiny-Mega-Lunala.png] [Image: 10800-Shiny-Mega-Necrozma.png] [Image: 10801-Shiny-Mega-Magearna.png]
Ooh very nice, like your work Legnax
[Image: tyranitar_in_dragon_form_by_black_wing24-d47c29u.jpg]

Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

Thank you!
I will definitely make more. I just need requests from the players, like: "hey, this shiny version looks like the normal, can you recolor it?" so I can do it. If I get no requests, then I'll continue with the starters and then move to legendaries (and mega versions).
Oh Wow This So Cool I Hope More Of These Come In Other Updates. Good Job Legnax!
<<EDIT>>I just noticed SM-Dialga.
Like it @Legnax
Big Grin IGN:tapubulu
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