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Sgt's Tips and Tricks #3
Hey guys, it is time for my third tips and tricks. This one will go over the second pokemon you should have for your pokemon journey. If you haven't read Tip #1 please do so now->
Also if you haven't read Tip #2 do so now->

Now this poke isn't for battling but for doing gyms. Beating the npcs in gyms everyday will earn you the most money possible to do more in the game. Also, you can train pokes up faster.

The poke is Delibird. There are three reasons to use Delibird.

1. Can learn the move fly. This makes it so you don't have to put fly and ruin a pokes moveset.
2. Expert leader ability. Expert Leader gives 50% more exp earned. This is helpful when training pokes because it trains them faster.
3. Put the item amulet coin on it. Amulet coin gives double the money giving you more money and also you don't have to take away a held item from your team. 

That's all for now.....tell me if there is something I missed.
Check out part 4->
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