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Post here the Pokemon images that you request to be updated
Ok guys this is main thread to post

Please post here the pokemon images that you request to be updated

Pokemon current image and the image you found (you have to get its permission to use or edit what we have)
Hello i edited my post and now to simplify 'll just put the images of Pokemon to be modified in 800x600 dimensions to make it easier.
All images are being recorded in a single file Photoshop "PSD" that later I will post here Smile

1º-Bulbasaur Normal-
[Image: 1_Bulbasaur.png]

1º-Bulbasaur Shiny-
[Image: 1_Bulbasaur_Shiny.png]
2º-Ivysaur Normal-
[Image: 2_Ivysaur.png]
2º-Ivysaur Shiny-
[Image: 2_Ivysaur_Shiny.png]
3º-Venusaur Normal-
[Image: 3_Venusaur.png]
3º-Venusaur Shiny-
[Image: 3_Venusaur_Shiny.png]

3º-Mega Venusaur-
[Image: 3_Mega_Venusaur.png]

3º-Mega Venusaur Shiny-
[Image: 3_Mega_Venusaur_Shiny.png]
[Image: 4_Charmander.png]
4º-Charmander Shiny-
[Image: 4_Charmander_Shiny.png]
[Image: 5_Charmeleon.png]
5º-Charmeleon Shiny-
[Image: 5_Charmeleon_Shiny.png]
[Image: 6_Charizard.png]
6º-Charizard Shiny-
[Image: 6_Charizard_Shiny.png]
6º-Mega Charizard Y-
[Image: 6_Mega_Charizard_Y.png]
6º-Mega Charizard Y Shiny-
[Image: 6_Mega_Charizard_Y_Shiny.png]
6º Mega Charizard X-
[Image: 6_Mega_Charizard_X.png]
6º-Mega Charizard X Shiny-
[Image: 6_Mega_Charizard_X_Shiny.png]
MrOsi please add my skype (monstermmorpg) so you can get files and modify original resolution

if you do this for all i can update all shinies

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