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Hello, I was wondering what the average going rates generally were for each class of mons just to get a feel of what I should expect to pay/ask for. Thanks in advance

Ultra Rare
Starter:70 mil+ common:1000-1mil uncommon :2500-5 mil rare: 10,000-10 mil ultra rare: 10,000-100 mil+ legendary:5 mil-1bil shiny:100mil -2bil mega: 30 mil-200 mil mega l: 150-1.15 bil mega s: 700 mil -2.9 bil msl:2 bil - max amount + pokes.     This is depending on ivs and nature look at them.
мертвая душа
To phrase it simple 

Common-Ultra Rare → no Worth.
Legendaries → several million.
Shinies → 100~m
Starters → 20-50m

Note : prices for Reward Box Pokemon of the respective class will exceed the value by far.
Best to do, advertise it on Trade Chat and wait for a Couple of offers.
And constantly Check market for the average Prices.

Further note : the closer the IVs to 30 in the needed stats, the better the price.
For shinies and up, IVs suffice to make the price high.
For everything below, fitting nature is also needed.
Fitting Nature + great ivs = Good prices even for Common-UR. 

The more liked the Pokemon, the higher the prices (eevee for example will sell Good despite it being UR)

The more useful the Pokemon, the higher it can sell (once more, eevee for example)

As to Megas, they are exactly worth the gem.
Except they're being good or RB.
However, that still only adds Gem worth to the Pokemon's price.

Prices can change day by day, so Staying updated on them is the best to do.

M30 - Galliant
Thanks guys
They refuse to tell me exactly when the Pokemon was caught according to their servers. I want to know that info as it was only a 3 hour difference between where I bought the ticket and where I tried to participate, in case a accidental region-lock happened to be the issue. The Pokemon caught at 2 PM local (pacific) would have been 5 PM (EST). They will not tell me the dates/times that I logged in during the rest of the week, so I can verify if it was just that day or every day.
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