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Pokemon Rap Battle
[Image: vcxpjl.png]

I don't know how to run this but we'll try.
Welcome to Pokemon Rap Battle!!

We can do this between users or just have rhyming and spitting and stuff.
Keep everything appropriate and relevant to Pokemon!

It's not that hard to make words rhyme, turn to stone like Darmanitan in a Tower of time, or govern the world through portals like Palkia, or make time travel trips like Dialga.
But all in all they got nothing on her, the first time traveling legend Celebi.
i'd check out shofu, awesome poke rapper, although he does swear often
i like shofu i watch his wifi battles videos
Ya'll rapping as slow as a Slowpoke - try to keep up, but try not to choke ;
My rapping is straight-up, as fluid as a Muk - as if I'm reading all of these straight out from a book ;
To catch them all is our real test, the DMS is the proof - you gotta catch all of them, from Arceus to Bidoof ;
From Kanto, to Johto, all the way to Kalos - I'll pass by them in high speed, even faster than my Zapdos ;
Now it's time for me to stop, getting tired, no words to mutter - maybe it's time for me to rest at the Pokemon Center.
[Image: Uu1bwAy.png]
Malvagio? shofu? Skyrock? It doesn't matter - ima serve you like a tepig.. on a platter.
Who will win, Try and make a bid - my rhymes are so electric , they call me Elekid.
Ima SURF you up, you can't even catch a piplup
Lol this thing posted and i wasnt finished but now i am and your hopes just diminished. 
*Drops mic*
Comin up from the shadows, feeling like Darkrai. Don't lie, you were all afraid of the night.
It's all right, I'm not Sharpedo so I don't bite. I flew in like Staraptor, I'm the one rapper you won't be able to capture.
Smack away your rhymes with Close Combat, punch punch kick claw! down, leave you silent like a black and white movie, no sound.
Flawless and Skyrock, you guys were good, I don't think you're beginners but I can eat you both for dinner.
I'll sleep afterwards even if I'm not full, wake up to eat again, Snorlax is not cool. But when you wake him up and give him no food,
you better run away fool cuz that's a hyperbeam coming at you.
Serene steppin in now the true rhymes begin
Zapados wont come close to the words I will rend
Thrashin in like a Cubone you're entering the fear zone
You may be legendary but I see you as a little fairy
I'm spittin these rhymes out faster then the fluid of a Muk!
You're sitten there confused like a Psyduck!
I'm leavig, you jingle like a Chingling
As for me, you call me the rap queen!
It's fun to read through the posts for me cause I cannot rap at all! Smile
u can not beat this beats as fast as my togepi
I can not rhyme but I will try to keep in time
since dialga and palkia might give some rhyme
I ain't like ash or Pikachu to win a battle in any way
but just to let u all u poke trainers out there that there's a new champ everywhere
ppl say no way that can't be true
no one is a champ but there is only one that is true
and its me me pachirisu
well u can't beat me as fast as a moltres
cause i'm gonna wreak u like your slow forretress
I always have some fun like I just do not care
huntin for shinies is my favourite fare
I see a s-dialga
now a s-palkia
I can't believe my luck today has gone out in different ways
was this before the poketubers on youtube pokerap?
(2015-11-02, 10:37 PM)Jules Wrote: was this before the poketubers on youtube pokerap?

I ain't as sly as your vulpix with its shadow sneak
But one thing I knew I wasn't weak
throwing down my oblivion wing with my yvealtal
the price wasn't high but u didn't keep me down oh
as I saw my mega glaceon take u down
I said yay wat should I equip u with now

oh yeah ~
wow this tread is the most entertaining
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-tfUb2gC5IwntG5iml9_...H1kQu2hqeE]
I am not a rapper! we know i'm not a rapper! so why am i doing this? Lets just do this anyways:

They say i am crazy, my pokemon are horrible they say!
I love them anyways even though there stats 'n' stuff are horrible!

I am obsessed with my one and only pokemon!
Geno, the gallade that everyone complains about!

I also make crazy fanfics too about them!
Emma said i would be scared if this pokemon company woulden't exist!

thats my rap though.Wink
Alakazam's hypnosis get's you into a Trance, 
So deep you think kalos is a city in france.
With sing, i'm going big, like the record lable of Cher, 
Refresh, makes 'em go smooth, Like the Prince of bel air,
That nature power on me, might aswell call me ric flair.
I must confess,
 none of you proved to be a real test,
Pokeballs round my chest 
Bringing the pain,
I'm the reason why Loosing's part of the game,
"Catch 'em all" your journey will end in vain.
Doing all for my gain, 8 badges in my poket,
A true villain, not like the clowns of team rocket,
Blizzard, you might catching a cold,
Frost body ain't gonna save ya,
Finishing it with a bolt,
Made of Thunder,
Y'know, like the bird.

M30 - Galliant
May Celebi Make me keep in time
Cause i'm gonna do some musical rymes
I don't care if I am weak
its not like something I can just change
we all have our beliefs and choices
like having to trade a shiny for a common
I made those mistakes in the past
but no I will forget those mistakes I made
so I can keep on playing this game
If i am going to leave this game,
I might as well make my rap to be the very best, 
Even If i'm to lose my dignity,
And to lose my best friends,
I will for ever be in your hearts alone.
"Some people treat love as a tool, others treat love as a caring manner. If love was like a delicate flower blossoming, and you were to break that flower, how would you feel?"
Oh no what do we have here,
I have found a rogue shiny scrafty in a deep dark cave,
Ooo so spooky when he used THIEF on me, 
He had stole all my pecha berries, oran berries and all things good to me,
I was laughing saying "Is that all you got cause imma wreak you with my shiny umbreon",
So I sent my mascot out in a furious flare,
Using flamethrower to burn it and then I pursuited from there,
And there i go bringing it down to a lower hp level,
I said to it hey,
Do you wanna join my team?, 
It nodded its head yes with sly look on its face,
So it touched my master ball and it went in,
And I caught, C...c...c....caught it,
Yeah ^^.
"Some people treat love as a tool, others treat love as a caring manner. If love was like a delicate flower blossoming, and you were to break that flower, how would you feel?"
Unlike other people i win only usin raticate,
i go to the safari zone and then throw a bunch of bait,
why are people so obsessed with "hicoona matata"?
i am the master of kakuna and rattata!

man, im kinda good at raps!
Pokemon is hot game on 2018
very nice Thanks for sharing

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