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Pokedex Image Permission
Hi, I was hoping that I could be granted permission to use images from your pokedex for a non-profit project with full credit given to illustrator and website.

Please let me know if this is possible
Great idea
you need to ask drawing artist's permission
A good article, a good book can change the fate of so many people. Thanks for the valuable sharing, please keep it up to date and I will always follow you.
I wonder how to do that, too.
Bashowap, a Cardano based project, has announced the launch of its innovative development on the Cardano platform. Its goal is to enable swift transactions within the Cardano network. In addition, the decentralized exchange platform will help connect early community members and Cardano developers to shared liquidity and other features.

Bashowap has also begun the private sale of its utility token - $BASH. The $BASH token will be used in different ways, including governance, Farming BASH token, and staking. Furthermore, investors can trade the Cardano token, add liquidity to generate LP fees, and acts as a launchpad for startups. Interestingly, the platform offers early adopters the opportunity to join its private sale whitelist before the project goes public.

$BASH token holders Benefits

Token holders can vote and see proposals on the platform. The platform is structured so that token holder can vote on critical issues regarding the project. Furthermore, $BASH token holders can decide to stake their tokens on the Bashowap platform to acquire more tokens. Besides this, there are also the benefits of farming the $BASH token to earn rewards.

Join the Private Sale

The $BASH token private sale is ongoing, and the platform intends to issue a hundred thousand BASH tokens, which is equivalent to 20% of its total supply. Currently, more than 1300 participants have registered for its private sale whitelist.

Join Bashowap social media for exclusive news and updates and for the whitelist:



Acardex platform is set to become the most unique DeFi project ever on the Cardano network.

Acardex Ecosystem is powered by its token $ACX, which is used to facilitate transactions on the platform. Holders of the token are also given the opportunity to become decision makers and vote to endorse future features to be implemented on the platform.

$ACX Token Use Cases

The native token which will power Acardex network is $ACX and its total supply will be 1,000,000,000 ACX

Acardex token early adopters will be allowed exclusive access NFT Drops, list their NFts, set a price and sell their assets on our marketplace.

ACX Token Seed-Sale Details

1 ACX = 0.00125 ADA

1 ADA = 800 ACX

Minimum Buy: 300 ADA

Maximum Buy: 30,000
DigiRack NFT Marketplace Launches On The Cardano Blockchain. DigiRack is a multi/cross-chain NFT Marketplace built on the Cardano Blockchain made by creators for creators.

DigiRack team is set to launch its Pre-Sale with a competition of 1000 ADA & 10,000 $RACK tokens as prize pool for the participants.

Early birds have a chance to join the ongoing whitelisting to secure a spot for the Pre-Sale, as only whitelisted members of the DigiRack community can have access to join the Pre-Sale event with a limited space available.

Presale Whitelist:

Hoskinsea has launched the largest NFT marketplace on Cardano network, hoskinsea marketplace will comprise of fascinating features which includes, low minting fee, faster transaction, cross chain operation, royalties, multiple edition NFTs, timed auctions, messenger, personalized activity feed and lots more.

$HSK Tokens has several uses on the Hoskinsea platform, which will benefit token holders, including: Purchase of NFT, Transaction Fees, Staking Platform, NFT Farming, Transaction Fees Redistribution.

Hoskinsea unique marketplace reimagines on-chain project participation and aims to transform the NFT launch space by solving issues that are prevalent in NFT whitelisting by putting all prediction events on-chain, making it trustless, and eliminating false launch starts, and giving members access to only the highest-quality projects.

Early participants can purchase in HSK token private sale and become early holders of HSK tokens
Excellent concept.
It is really calm to be able to win the slope 2 unblocked race, Slope 2 is not for anyone who gives up early.

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