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Pitch Black (not the movie)
[Image: 14bt0eh.png]

Well today happened something weird, the chat was still working, yet i had a pitch black gamescreen, my character sprite would pop up every now and then, but the screen and half of my team just wouldn't load.
My internet is working just fine and no matter how many tabs i closed, it still refuses to load.
Refreshing the site didn't work either.

As far as i could hear, another german similiar issues
while an american player didn't

Hmm so the site just became unavailable.
So maybe that's why.

M30 - Galliant
This game crashed a second time on me today o.o
it seems to only crash for certain people, others can access is like nothing happened.

M30 - Galliant
maybe it was that moment i made the update your browser was trying to fetch the image

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