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No Internet For A Long Time
I got kicked out of were i was living, so as of right now i will be in a refuge, and will not have a way to get internet. I have no tablet, and my phone does not have internet. Though i actually do not like using the cellphone for internet use. I might go at least to the library to log in for one hour at least once a week, no promises though. So see you all until i get internet, and i was still lookin job and have not found anythin yet.
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ohhh ....thats kinda sad . hope you find a good place for yourself and a jop and get back to the community as soon as possible 

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Oh man....
Wish you best of luck, hope you get outta thst Situation as soon as possible..

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no internet?! hopully it wont be like blaus hiadous!
that's kinda sad :/ Good Luck man.
Late response, but still..

Aniki, we hope to see you soon and you will be missed up untill then!
Go get'm
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Can't believe I never saw this... 

I hope you find a job. Both for you and our yearning hearts. <3 


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