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New zone leadership brainstorm
1: Each zone will have 1 leader at a time

2: You will be able to defeat this leader anytime you want and take ownership

3: Meanwhile you are in leader position, 1% of all of the gold from wild and NPC battles in that zone will be transferred to you

4: This accumulated gold will be added to your profile once your leadership ends or you manually claimed it from your settings page

5: At the beginning, zone leaders will be randomly set inactive accounts

6: The battles will be like this
: You will challenge against top 1000 Pokemon of current leader. At least 1 type has to match that zone's type
: You also will be able to use top 1000 of your all Pokemon that matches that zone's type
: The Pokemon will be automatically decided like in Endless Tower Battles
: For mixed zone, all types will be used

7: There will be a new page which will show each zone's current leader and how much gold accumulated during his/her leadership
: At this page you will be able to challenge and defeat that leader

8: Everyone will be able to challenge against current leader at the same time (everyone will have their own battle)
: The leader will be always computer controlled
: Meanwhile you are in battle, if the leadership changes by another player, you will not get leadership. You will be needed to defeat new leader
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One suggestion to start:

Zones 17-19 give the most gold in the game meaning they will be the most wanted by players to control. Since this is the case, the champion's team in these zones should receive a little bit of a stat boost so it's more of a challenge to take control of the more profitable zones than the first couple of zones.
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You can defeat this commander and seize control.

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