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NPC Naming - Help needed
Hey ladies and gentleman
I, Dz have a job for you!

CeFurkan asked me to check through the NPC names (file will be below) and making sure that none of them are mythological names and of course matching them with official Pokémon names such as the Rock gym leader will be named Brock. There is currently 1146 names and checking them all by myself would be very long as well as I have other things working on such as abilities and assigning the Pokémons (having their movesets right, typing etc) so CeFurkan said that I can get as much people as I can to help.

What to do?
- You will be checking that none of the names listed are mythological/religious/etc names.
- You will be trying to match the names to the official Pokémons names, such as the gym leaders will be Brock, Misty, etc.
- You will change the names that are not allowed with one you feel comfortable with and is appropriate (note - while renaming, please be serious about it)
- You can post on this thread on names you found and want changed or change it yourself. When a user finds something; please don't post the same one as well.


Q: The file has id numbers and I don't know which of them are the gym leader?
A: You can use the NPC tracker list to see the id numbers of the NPC's (Click here for the link)
Q: Will I be rewarded?
A: This all depends on the people that did the most helping, I will talk to CeFurkan about it.
Q: How do I know which names are mythological and which aren't? 
A: If you are stuck with a name then you can search it through the internet.
Q: Who is allowed to do it?
A: Anyone is welcomed

Note: The names have already been made by other users. Credits go to them

Let the games begine!

The File will be attached

i will update as i find more problems 

btw problems of pokemon i m just reporting main characters name , main rivals , leaders  , frontier brain or elite four not the recurring character nor minor characters 

if its needed to remove minor characters of pokemon plz post on forum and i will look into that as well 
1st is 

1. id 131 and 247 has same name and gender "char"

2. id 8 : flora : female 
is goddess of flowers 

3.  id 43 :india: female 
 should be replaced since its country name

4. id 59 :zeus :male 
 is greek name for jupiter

5. id 60 : odin : male
myth word

6, id 66 : helios : male 
grecin sun god 

7. id 67 : apollo : male

8. id 73 : ares : male

9. id 74: hercules: male

10. id 95: gary : male
it is rival of ash in pokemon so related to pokemon

11. id95 , id 330 , id 560 , id 985  : gary : male
all 4 have same name gary

12. id 427 : iris :  female
main character in pokemon

13. id 251 : max : male  
main character in pokemon so shouldn't be allowed

14. id 105 : serena : female 
main character of pokemon xy

15. id 419 : barry : male 
rival of ash in pokemon

16. id 565 : cameron : female 
rival os ash in pokemon so pokemon related 

17. id565 , id 615 : cameron : female
both have same name cameron

18. id 748 : drew : male 
pokemon related ( ash rival )

19. id 517 : harley : female 
ash rival in pokemon

20. id 398 : luke  : male 
ash rival in pokemon 

21. id 649 : richie : female 
ash rival in pokemon 217 : greta : femle 
frontier brain in pokemon 

23. id 217 , id 429 : greta: female 
both have same name 

24. id 45: tucker : male
frontier brain of pokemon 

25. id 195 : lucy :  female 
frontier brain of pokemon 

26.  id 972 : lance : male 
elite four of pokemon 

27.  id 747 : drake : male 
elite four of pokemon 

28.  id 783 : cynthia : female
elite four / champion in pokemon

29. id 444 : agatha :  female 
elite four of pokemon 

30. id 715 : lucian : male 
elite four of pokemon

31. id 611 : aaron : male 
elite four of pokemon 

32. id 255 , 935 : diana : female
both have same names 

33. id 259 : sabrina : female 
pokemon gym leader

34. id 259 , id 978 : sabrina : female
both have same name 

35. id 860 : whitney : female 
pokemon gym leader 

36. id 228 : juan : male 
pokemon gym leader

37. id 228  , id 360 : juan : male 
both have same name 

38. id 654 : wallace  : male 
pokemon gym leader 

39. id 350  , id 853:  skylar : male 
both have same name 

59, 67, 73, i'm pretty sure are Greek gods Smile
The list is like this kun

ID : Name : Gender
ok sorry ill update
74 is also a greek god name if im not wrong and 650 is ash idk if thats allowed
my noob IGN Staff 
[Image: fc1ria.jpg]
*Credits to malvagioDemente for this awesome sig*
ID18 Name : Alicia Gender : Female Multiple Name ID
ID60 Name : Odin Gender: Male German god 
ID121 Name : Cefurkan Gender : Male, is this even allowed lol
ID137 Name : V137 Gender : Female is that even a name
ID145 Name : Peter Gender : Male there's another peter ID657 ID889
ID147 Name : Waater Gender : Male is that a typo?
ID488 Name : Phyllis Gender : Male Greek Mythology Character Also another Phyllis ID563
ID638 Name : Thalia Gender : Female Greek mythology
ID659 Name : Achilles Gender : Male Greek Hero
ID737 Name : Artemis Gender : Male Greek Deity
ID441 Name : Farah Gender : Farah Another Farah ID267

Btw here are the same names but with different genders, what do you do about that 

These ids are gym leader ids, I've given them the Pokemon gym names the names are according to the badges in game name

ID2 Whitney Plain Badge
ID8 Erika Rainbow Badge
ID14 Bugsy Hive Badge
ID21 Koga Soul Badge
ID27 Misty Cascade Badge
ID33 Pryce Glacier Badge
ID39 Giovanni Earth Badge
ID46 Brock Boulder Badge
ID53 Blaine Volcano Badge
ID60 Lt. Surge Thunder Badge
ID67 Valerie Fairy Badge
ID74 Chuck Storm Badge
ID81 Jasmine Mineral Badge
ID87 Sabrina Marsh Badge
ID94 Falkner Zephyr Badge
ID100 Morty Fog Badge
ID106 Clair Rising Badge
ID114 No Dark Type Gym Leader
ID122 Rudy Spike Shell Badge

Info obtained from Bulbapedia

Will update with more
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...
Leave the dark gym leader name to me Smile
Keep them coming guys!
Ok, first 100.....

id: 13
name: Isaiah
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Iggy

id: 43
name: India
Gender: Female
Reason: (is a country)
replace with: Ilma

id: 59
name: Zeus 
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek God
replace: Zak

id: 60
name: Odin
Gender: Male
Reason: Norse mythology (God)
replace: Ollie

id: 66
name: Helios
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek mythology (God)
replace: Hamish

id: 67
name: Apollo
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek mythology (God)
replace: Alfred

id: 73 and 447
name: Ares
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek mythology (God)
replace: Bob, Bobby

id: 74
name: Hercules
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek mythology
replace: Harry

id: 93
name: Phoenix 
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek mythology
replace: Penny

id: 100
name: Josiah
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Jack Wink
lucina see names we have already reported those 

just add new ones if u find don't post old ones

btw replacement jmes cant be done its min character of pokemon
hahaha ok, 101-450 (don't think any of these are mentioned above x)
Do u want me to remove the replacement names??
id: 110
name: Augustus
Gender: Male
Reason: Ancient Roman
replace: Bob
id: 112
name: Samuel
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Sam
id: 115
name: Amaterasu
Gender: Male
Reason: Japanese mythology (god) 
replace: Choji
id: 145
name: Peter
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Pete
id: 175 also 394
name: Matthew
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Will, Hugh
id: 178
name: Hermione
Gender: Female
Reason: Greek Mythology (god)
replace: Molly
id: 179
name: Adalia
Gender: Female
Reason: Biblical
replace: Ellie
id: 199
name: Cleopatra
Gender: Female
Reason: Ancient greek
replace: Tilly

id: 307
name: Nevada
Gender: Female
Reason: Place
replace: Agnes

id: 340
name: Mary
Gender: Female
Reason: Biblical
replace: Senga

id: 375
name: John
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Joe

id: 406
name: Ulysses
Gender: Male
Reason: Roman Mythology
replace: Tobi

id: 415
name: Zechariah
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Sasori

id: 421
name: Jason
Gender: Male
Reason: Biblical and Greek myth
replace: Jay

id: 449
name: Lucina
Gender: Female
Reason: Roman Mythology
replace: Luci
(I swear I didn’t know what this name meant when I picked it as a username x)

Keep them coming Smile
id: 452
name: Penelope
Gender: female
Reason:  Greek mythology
replace: Jenny

id: 453
name: Zephyr
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek mythology
replace: Corey

id: 470
name: Ariel
Gender: Female
Reason: Greek mythology and biblical
replace: Adiaha

id: 491
name: Eris
Gender: Female
Reason: Greek mythology
replace: Hazel

id: 498
name: Enoch
Gender: male
Reason: Greek myth, biblical
replace: Ramsay 

id: 528
name: Indiana
Gender: female
Reason: Place
replace: Rosalie

(not sure about this one, it means lion in Greek, it's not a gods name, so i think it should be ok ) 
id: 533
name: Leon 
gender: Male

id: 536
name: Jeremiah
Gender: male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Clyde

id: 611
name: Aaron
Gender: female
Reason:  Greek, biblical
replace: Eoin

id: 612
name: Abigail
Gender: female
Reason:  biblical
replace: Heather

id: 638
name: Thalia
Gender: female
Reason:  Greek mythology
replace: Amber

id: 657
name: Peter
Gender: male
Reason:  Biblical
replace: Pete

id: 659
name: Achilles
Gender: male
Reason:  Greek mythology
replace: Archie

id: 684
name: Paris
Gender: female
Reason:  place
replace: Lola

id: 712
name: Muhammed
Gender: male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Albus

id: 716
name: Lucifer
Gender: male
Reason: Biblical
replace: David

id: 743
name: Anastasia
Gender: female
Reason: Greek mythology
replace: Annika

id: 777
name: Philip
Gender: male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Phil

id: 779
name: Julian
Gender: male
Reason: Biblical
replace: Jude

id: 809
name: Naomi
Gender: female
Reason: Biblical
replace: Nanao

id: 859
name: Aurora
Gender: female
Reason: Roman mythology
replace: Hinata

id: 920
name: Antonia
Gender: female
Reason: Roman mythology
replace: Myra

id: 949
name: Daniel
Gender: Male
Reason: Greek and biblical
replace: Danny

id: 954
name: Milan
Gender: Male
Reason: place
replace: Milo

id: 983
name: Helene
Gender: Female
Reason: greek mythology
replace: Mirren

id: 994
name: Maria
Gender: Female
Reason: greek and latin myths, biblical
replace: Marrion

id: 997
name: Hector
Gender: Male
Reason: greek mythology
replace: Terry

id: 1020
name: Chloe
Gender: female
Reason: greek mythology
replace: Polly

id: 1021
name: Abigail
Gender: female
Reason:  Biblical
replace: Abby
good work lucina btw did u check complete list ?
i've got about 100 names left to check, nearly done x)

id: 1096
name: Felix
Gender: Male
Reason: Ancient roman mythology, biblical, latin...
replace: Bilbo

id: 1100
name: Gemini
Gender: Male
Reason: Roman mythology
replace: Hagrid

That's all I could find. A few of the names appear on the list more than once, not sure if that's a problem though, if it's just for npc's I doubt folk will notice. Smile
Are you guys sure you checked all? so that I could do the changes Smile
Wow, great job lucina
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...
do u need any help ? its to lame so much time wast on so little file
hello ! Smile

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