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My favorite sport in Football and basketball .....i play basketball in 8 year's when i was 12 year old i love itHeartTongue
i like basketball too.
Me also ......can u play with me ......
Football is healthiest game
Yeh is ........can u play
(2016-03-17, 04:30 PM)Jaditya Wrote: Football is healthiest game

I love Football too - the best team sport!
Cricket is one of my [b]favorite Sport.[/b]
Football and basketball are my two favorite sports. I know there are a lot of fans of different sports, but how many people share the same opinion as me? It is rare that people like me. I will share my favorite things about each sport below. I love to play Basketball, but I also follow many football leagues too. It's been pretty fun to see how much my beloved San Francisco 49ers have improved over the last few years. With so many other teams in the NFL, it's been difficult for me to watch every team week after week (being a diehard fan is a lot of work). This is why I've come up with a list of my favorite football and basketball teams.
I love FIFA I beat my brother every time
I really love football because 11 players on the ground and working hard to win the team.
I like basketball
It's great to see such a variety of sports enthusiasts here, ranging from football, basketball, to cricket! I can definitely relate to those who enjoy football. It's a game that combines strategy, skill, and endurance, much like the strategy involved in Pokemon Pets. And speaking of games, have any of you tried Retro Bowl? It's a retro-style American football game. What are some other games or sports you enjoy besides the ones already mentioned?

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