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Marsha Ricci's INTRO-vaganzaa!
What's up guys? 
Hi I am Mar and I am here to make you your dream intro!
The intro can last for 10 seconds-30+ seconds depending on the design and structure
I have 3 kinds of intro 


Coolkewl - 6m


(You can offer pokemons rather than money Big Grin)  

Note : There is no repetitions of designs / But you can request for the same design on the samples below

Mode of payment: 
-via trade = offering money to pokemon
-via market = buying pokemon in market/ item in bazaar

Hit me with that DDU-DDU-DU  on my PokemonPets Account
IGN: Marsha_Ricci

Samples : 

YT Channel : Justin De Ocampo




Thank you guys!!!
"If being scared makes you stop doing something you love then face it and rise up above all"

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