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So, I was trying to evolve my shiny-duoblade with luna gem to make a shiny-aegislash... not only does it not work...

When I accidentally selected to use my ultimate gem on shiny-duoblade, it transformed into shiny-aegislash-shield. The ultimate gem was used as a regular transformation gem, and did not return to storage when transformed to first stage.
This glitch cost me 500m gold, and if duplicated by more players would be really sad. Please fix. Glitch discovered in @NubLootingBoss account if that info needed..

And I can't provide screenshots because wasting 500m gold for it is too much...
Testing may have to be done with other mega-transformation gems and pokemon.
yup,another player reported that when he used luna gem on shiny doublade to make it aegislash it said this pokemon can only be transformed using Marvelous Gem or Ultimate Gem.Don't Worry,You will hopefully get your Gem back Wink
Yep.....this types of problems will disappointed plyer to my a game . I will also experience it .but i will say u don't worry.....friends
yes i just found out this is correct

wait for the fix
ok glitch fixed and people who wasted money got their money back

(2016-03-17, 11:59 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: ok glitch fixed and people who wasted money got their money back


I did not get the money back...

Did you add it to my account that hit money limit already, cef? if so, can you re-add to @SomebodyUnub instead, please?
Thnx u cef for solving our problem...
same problem with me Undecided

after 3 days finally cef refund my money i think i must got a bonus for save 500m in bank jk Big Grin

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