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If you're wondering where's my threads, they're gone. They're deleted except that one thread with my art. I want many people to see my artwork Angel

I'm not coming back, but I'm just gonna come here just to say hi sometimes. And look! No grammars, I've changed!

The reason why I've deleted my threads is because they had so many grammars and unnecessary topics like "We don't need running shoes". And fanfics are gone too. The one I'm working on is gone.

So yeah...
Well join our guild you wont have to worry about any such thing we have exclusive media section in our guild site

We will give you a special place there named Jules arts for pics  in our media section. 

plus u can create ur own threads, no worry about grammar etc. we will correct it ourselves if needed Big Grin

We can give you your fanfic section as well, and we will read them as well, its a guarantee, especially i love fanfics (currently dragonball fanfics have been my favorite.)

And if anybody annoys u we will take care of him in no time and kik him out...... Annoying is allowed if done in terms of loling as i keep annoying kunn and leader in my clan as u can see in our guild page in pp forums as well, but if it hurts anybody its not tolerated in our clan.

So if you want you can come to us contact lolzz guild leader kane001 or sea2003main to apply.
[Image: done_opt_1.jpg]

I am a Rank Freak. Now hold a legendary record of being Rank 1 in both games Pokemonpets and Monstermmorpg
Dont get confused over username though, it is jecklin over there.
yup you are welcome there in our guild lolzz

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