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Learn how to notice a good/bad nature and ivs
Hello guys, 

Quote:This thread is meant to guide new players to decide if an encountered wild pokemon is a good catch or not Smile ..

The 3 factors that matter are : 

1st    Distribution of base stats in each individual stat
2nd   Nature
3rd    Ivs (individual values)

#  Now, we will start with the first factor, and that is the Distribution of the base stats in each individual stat ...
 The distribution is done into 6 individual stats ( Hp, attack, defense, special attack, special defense and speed )
Based on this distribution , we have to decide if we will use the pokemon as a defensive wall/phsyical attacker/special attacker  Smile
If a pokemon has high def/spdef BASE stats , it means it is to be used as a defensive wall .. Similarly , in case of high physical attack base stats, it will make a pokemon Physical sweeper ..and if a pokemon has high spatk BASE stats, it will make the pokemon a special attack sweeper..

Quote:Hp - Decides the health points of a pokemon
Attack - Physical attack stat of a pokemon 
Defense - Physical defense stat of a pokemon
Special attack - Special attack stat of a pokemon
Special defense - Special defense stat of a pokemon 
Speed - Speed stat of a pokemon

The first step is to look at the distribution of base states in individual stats .. for example, lets look at the base stats of a shuckle ..


Now, as you can notice, its def stat and special def stat is dominating over other individual stat tells us that this pokemon is meant to be used as a defensive wall as it has a good def and special def ...
Now, in the second step , you have to look at the natures that will be suitable for you shuckle .. As this pokemon is defender, we will look for a shuckle who has a nature which will enhance its def  stats by +10% or spdef stats by 10%..
While hunting a shuckle or any other pokemon , the nature of pokemon is visible ..Now, even if you don't know what nature does what changes in stats of pokemon , you can know it by simply moving your cursor over the pokemon that you have encountered ..

The third thing that you will check is IVs ( individual values ) ...

Quote:What are IVs ?

IVs, or Individual Values, are hidden stats that every Pokemon has . In pokemon pets,they range from 0 to 30 in each stat, and cannot be changed. The ivs are randomly generated and cannot be raised by training .
At 100 level, each iv adds one point to the corresponding stat, barring some skew from nature.That means upto 30 per stat(again, ignoring nature).As stats scale with level, you will get less effect at lower levels. For instance, at 50 level, it will take 2 ivs to make 1 stat point .
On a side note : IVS also determine hidden power of a pokemon. 

As we want our pokemon to have as maximum stats ,it is necessary to have good iv points.. Now, we need good ivs in those stats of a pokemon that stats matter the most to the pokemon..
In a defensive wall, we want 27+ ivs in defensive stats and similarly in case of a pyshical sweeper and a special sweeper , we want ivs in 27+ ivs in att stat and special atk stat simulatenously .. 

Note: for a physical sweeper, ivs in special attack do not matter .. And in case of special sweepers , ivs in physical attack stat do not matter .. 

For example.. shuckle will need good ivs in def as well as spdef .

27+IVS = PERFECT !!!
20- IVS = Keep hunting Angel

Example of a good catch ? Smile 
here it is ..

(Please comment below if something is not understandable )
awesome  ^v^
very nice thread im playing pokemon pets from 7 moths but then also i didnt understood what are ivs but now i understood
(2015-10-17, 06:35 AM)ash ketchum 11 Wrote: very nice thread im playing pokemon pets from 7 moths but then also i didnt understood what are ivs but now i understood

i am very glad Big Grin
although its still hard to tell this helps some thx buddy
i know its not the best explaination but i have tried my best to be clear and understandable in this post Idea
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Big Grin 
(2015-10-29, 10:21 AM)CeFurkan Wrote: nice pm me in game to get ultra rare or below pokemon reward

thank you cef Big Grin
this is really good!
     [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSTLRXONkHvVSW_ynULCdb...PRciKQStG4]
Quote:"trust is like a eraser,it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake" 

thank you
This information is excellent. I hope you will share more interesting and useful information so that new players can easily play. drift boss
(2015-10-29, 10:21 AM)CeFurkan Wrote: nice pm me in game to get ultra rare or below pokemon reward death run 3d

It would be great to receive a reward. How is PM with you?
Great! Good topic. wordle
A Pokemon like Dragonite has a high base stat total and well-rounded base stats, making it a versatile choice for a variety of roles such as a physical attacker, special attacker, or even a tank.
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Very great. So cool
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Thanks for the topic!
good, i can get it

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