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Hey friends i compose a story by me. You may find spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes in it ignore them.Tongue 

   Jack's journey
               -By Setu Raj
With a pleasant morning a wind came and woke up me from my dense sleep. And suddenly I hear a loud voice of my father and mother they both were quarrel at each other for my future. I am not happy with these that my parents were quarrel at each other because of me. I tried many times to stop them but my parents not understand. I have a hobby to read books. So, I go library on every Sunday to read books their. I am happy there because there is no one who disturbs me. Than after I ask teacher that to give me such type of books which is most mysterious one. And after waiting some time teacher come and give me a book name a sailor in that story a sailor who find treasure on a alone island with their friends by facing many problems. I decided to show this book to my all friends. Next day when I show that book to my friends they become very happy and we all decided to explore the world by sailing from one place to another place. We were of 10 friends in which I and mike were giving 50 thousands for a ship. And other friends were giving for things such as food, clothes, tents, woods and for other items. And left money was for saving. Next day we all flee from my homes because if we tell this from my parents they don't allow us to go out from my houses. We all first went from red sea to Pacific Ocean and would explore their. After 1 or 2 year we find an island but not happy to see it because that was already discovered. We all decided to rest their on that night and would go on next day. And after 3 months we all reach a port for some money that we want we all give fishes to a man that we caught after such a long trip we all collected many fishes and we can't eat that much fish everyday. We all decided to rest on that port because we all were very tired. We take 2 big rooms on rent for 2 or 3 days. Next day Robert to but medicines mike also go with him and Julie had a camera so she go to snap pictures of that port and also to print all pictures that she taken early. I told that I have hobby of reading books so I go on library and would read books their. In that night I was sleeping suddenly I woke because of a loud voice this was of Mike and Robert they both were fighting with each other. Than I ask to Julie that what happens she told me that they bother were fighting because mike is asking for money that he given to Robert and Robert is saying that he had spend all money in buying of medicines. So, after that I talk from both and say to cool down and ask from mike that how much he had given to Robert he said that he had given 5 thousands. Than I give 5 thousands mike and said to don't fight with each other. Next day we all again went on our journey but what I saw that mike and Robert were not talking to each other. Suddenly peter told us that he found island which is very closer. After reaching their all are again not happy because this one was also discovered by some one. Julie said that she want to snap some photographs their. So, only five were go on that island and other would rest in the ship. In the dense forest we all find old man who was fainted lying on the path. We all take him in the ship and give water to him he said that his name is john and he is an archeologist. I ask him that why was he fainted and lying their. Than john was saying that he was live for only some hours because he was poisoned by someone. Than he give a map to me and said to safe it from another and also told me to find treasure on this island. And after saying this he was dead. We all feel sad on the death of john but promise him to find that treasure by his team. We all feel proud on us that finally they are on a mission. After seeing the map peter said that we all are in Atlantic Ocean but the island is in Arctic Ocean. But we decided that we did it. After some days enemy brothers attack on us with their weapons one by one. Army brothers were three brothers who snatch treasure ideas or maps from others. In this attack we won from army pirates and looted their all gold coins and weapons. After this attack we were go on our mission. After some years we reach America. In America when Julie was going in a camera shop. She was plough into from a girl who was 16 years old. After some time I find a card in my pocket who handover by john to me. We all decided to go on that place where john's office was situated. We all find that no one knows that john was dead all was realizing that he was on tour to India. We get address of john from his office and would went their. When we enter into his home Julie find that girl from which she was ploughed in the morning. She was surprised to see that she was her childhood friend. They both were happy to see them. But when I tell all things about john's death they both were feel sad and started to cry. When we were going Julie's childhood friend stop us and ask to live with her for that night we all also feel happy to live with her So, we all live in house of Julie's childhood friend for that night. Next day we all started our journey. We all also know that we were also were to Russia from where we all had come. We all were very scared because we all not inform our parents that we were going out from home. But we all decided to go to our home meet to our parents. When I come after a long journey my parents are very happy to see me. I also feel good by meeting. My mother asked from me to tell why I was disappeared and not come to home. Than I tell all things to my mother after listening this my father quarreled at me. But I can understand that why he quarrel at me. So after meeting from our parents we all decided to go from Russia next week because of john's mysterious map. In these 7 days I tell all things happen to us and also tell that we meet john and he give a mysterious map to us. After listening about john my mother and father are quiet. I ask from them that what reason behind their quietness is.  My mother told to me that john was my father's brother means my uncle. When I was small he gave many gifts to us. But because of age I didn't remember him. When these 7 days was gone we don’t know. After 2 weeks we all tell to our parents for allowing us to go on my journey. My parents allow me to do journey because john was my uncle but my other friend's parents didn't allow us to go on our journey. So, we plan to go on our mission by previous method of flee. My parents give me some money and also make many foods for me and also for my friends. And after that next morning we leave Russia. Because of this mission my parents listen quarrelers of other parents. And for completion of avenge pirate brothers again develop their wealth and by the delude they take map that john hand over to me. But luckily I make a fake map and that map is taken by pirate brothers. When pirate brothers know about they are shocked and get angrily with us. We all decided to increase security of ship so we all rest in a small town and buy many attacking weapons to defeat our enemies. Only 5 members of ship were go for shopping rest one leave in the ship for the security of ship. Unfortunately Pirate brothers attacked on ship and other 5 members who were leaved in ship were kidnapped by them. Our ship was also destroyed by them. Finally when we reach on that place where our ship is lying is destroyed and their in big characters some words were written which were in Hindi. In our team only knows Hindi. On he wall of ship there was written that our rest members are kidnapped by them and as their profit the want the map which was given by us from john. In that night I think this matter deeply and make another map which is similar to another one. Next morning we all decided to meet from Pirate brothers in the port of that town. I give duplicate map to pirate brothers and than would come back and acts as we all sad in front of them. The money we collected is used in making of a newer ship which is stronger faster than previous one. At last finally we all reach to that Mysterious Island. Pirate brothers were unsuccessful to reach that mysterious island but reach in jail because while making of duplicate map I made a mistake and original one was leave with us. We all are very happy and do a luxurious party that night. Next morning we all go in the search of treasure which was buried in that island. We make 2-2 teams and went in treasure. After 6 months when I was on top of hill of that island I found that by seeing the island in top view we find a map which is of treasure and after 4 months we all meet and feel happy because we all were lost from each other. I tell all things that I had seen in the top view of that island. As time go on. 1 month ago. We all solve half of puzzled treasure. And finally after 2 months we all find treasure of mysterious island. The treasure box is field with diamond, gold, silver coins. Our eyes are surprised to see it because we were not see it ever before. In that night we all decided that all moneys are distributed among us. With pleasure next morning we all call media and many others that we ha discovered a new island. In news paper there was written that 10 boys find mysterious island and their treasure. We all are very happy about that. Our parents feel proud on us. But after some days I find and some thing is unexpected in this island because there were no animals, bird only trees and trees. I shared my bash from my teammates they also surprised to see it. After all we all decided to find this mystery So, after few days we all try to find reason behind it. One by one in no my teammates were decreased. And we all are very surprised because no one lives in this island so, how my team mates are disappearing. After some days only 5 of teammates were leave and other one were disappeared. We all 5 were trying to live as communicated as possible. One day in middle of night I feel see a lab which was very high profiled. Next morning we all come in the lab with police and know all reason. perhaps the thing was that Sam my child hood friends is jealousy to me so he kidnapped all animals of this island and make them as their slave. My all friends were also come with us. And suddenly I remember that today is my birthday and I was of 50 years old. By this mysterious island and treasure was found. And the story is over.
Characters In Story
Main characters – Jack, Julie, Robert Williams, Peter, john.
Sub character – Sam, Jack's mother and Father and rest 5 teammates.
Summary Of the Story
This is a story of small boy which is on a mysterious journey named jack with his all friends without telling to their parents. They meet to john which is an archeologist who saving map of mysterious island from bad peoples.  By defeating Pirate brothers they all find mysterious island and treasure which is situated their. And also find out reason of disappearing of animals and plants on that place.
End Of the Story
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Hmm... English is not your first language, isn't it? Sort of hard to read with so many grammar errors, unless of course it was intended...

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