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Insults and Unfairness

Reason :

-as every 1 can see in the top 2 ss MikeDevil is taunting/provoking/and insulting me = no action from a cm

- defend myself say he has issues and what do you know? i get warrned not to flame my CM anod09;
-so mike is doing flame at will and is considered oke but i am a flamer cause i defended myself and i am the only 1 warned
-then i get threatned that i should drop topic when i am trying 2 say that what he is doing is not fair 


with all the respect for the actual cm's :

-Blau was the only cm since i started playing this game...he would warn 1 time then mute or take the necesary action

Reason :

-the actual cm dont do theyr jobs + they even take the part of the one that break rules like amod did in this case, i get warned for defending myself and mike is left alone.
+ only one course of action was in this case : mute for mike
-i strongly recomend that cm changes...i dont want to be a cm so reasoning the fact that i would do a better job wont stand to acuse me, cause except for dakvoid and another one i see no fit cm in this game at the momment.
-they are running after their goals without regard of their position and tend to discriminate some and others are left to do as they please

-i request MikeDevil to be muted or taken a short of action against him and about the cm i think Cef can judge his performance based on what he said and did in this situation.
@darkvoid is also inactive ( he has his reason ) but i think only good and active cms should be there 
and i dont think it was  amod's fault  nor it was sega's fault  (the culprit ismike ) and amod said drop it guyz so means both sega and mikedevil
maybe ss is missing not sure 
its all mike's fault he mess with others like umar , banderlet and ofc sega
u r right kun
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS-tfUb2gC5IwntG5iml9_...H1kQu2hqeE]
I have reason for inactivity, which I do not need to share,to be honest, me, umar and amod are the only active CM's that participate in chat, and if we have a reason to be inactive for half an hour maybe a few hours, then we can't be to blame, although I do see where you come from.
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...
i am here for like 15 hrs of lurking dont see any1 else .
and i said u got your reasons nothing personal
(2015-07-19, 03:19 PM)kunwarkharbanda Wrote: i am here for like 15 hrs of lurking dont see any1 else .
and i said u got your reasons nothing personal

yeah, i understand kun, nothing taken personally, i'll try and be more active
[Image: 2i2mft.jpg]
What A Drag...
yeah blau was ultimately online 24x7 kinda active CM Big Grin

no interest in this brawl , just wanted to comment on cms quality, and even if the above mentioned cms are not that active they are still good and doin' their duty to best. They are not being paid so nobody can force them to stay online 24x7 Big Grin
everybody got real life stuff to do as well so u can't expect them to be online 24hours and it is even stated in rules that have a look at 
chat rules--->Moderator's rule-------> 4. A Cm's job is to ensure that no Chat rules are broken while they are online. Repeated failure will result in the loss of CMship.
if there is a rule that states a cm should always be online plz do correct me and as far as ur thoughts are concerned cm's are there to do their duty which i think all cm's which are active at that moment are doing well u don't have to judge them because they are also humans and perfection doesn't exist in this world Sleepy

and amod also did nothing wrong a cm's should make other people drop the topic if the topic is flaming or lead to fight if u think this is unfair then it is your problem
I will try to be more active but I can't guarantee anything.
(2015-07-19, 03:19 PM)kunwarkharbanda Wrote: i am here for like 15 hrs of lurking dont see any1 else .
and i said u got your reasons nothing personal


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