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Gyms: As many trainers know gym 18 is now nearly impossible to beat. Umbreon now has perfect body so now the only way to beat it is to have a msl or shiny dialga with roar of time(which is now uncatchable) My idea is to get rid of perfect body which still makes it hard but not unbeatable.

Daily Reward: You have probably seen this before but daily reward has made this game less enjoyable. I mean i have seen people rank 300+ get full iv shinies, and megas just because they rushed to get the amount of battles to be able to enter. My idea is to either get rid of it, or have time played instead of battles.

No Run From Shinies: This is a biggy. Now since shinies are basically being given out for free and they are more common, people who are on a lot during the day can catch 10 shinies every day. But for people like me, who have to go to school 5 days a week, have sports after school, and then have homework can only catch one in a month. This makes ranking up almost impossible which is one of the main aspects of the game. Also since ranking up is hard, the only reason to play this gme now is to hunt(which as i stated before i cant get on very much anymore to hunt. Also, since you cant run from them, they are more common and now shiny commons-rares are worth 20-40million and legends 80mill. This meaning a person who knows how to gym can get a shiny legend in a week.
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superpower won't even kill?
you can try, but it regens 270 hp every turn and has like 500+ in defenses
Some Day You'll Leave This World Behind,
So Live a Life You Will Remember
-Avicii: The Nights
In case of Umbreon just use a Rayquaza , full boost it and use outrage.

And even i think in Daily Rewards mega-shiny-legendaries are too extreme , they should be limited to only mega-legendaries.

And hunting is pretty easy now because now you can hunt blindly , no point in removing that system so i was thinking of a fatigue system like the more time you hunt and the faster you hunt your fatigue level goes higher and if it crosses a certain level then you are returned to the MC and you have to take a break or something like that Big Grin

Note : Make the fatigue levels IP based if implemented.
woww gud idea support
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No, let perfect body stay. you know that mewtwo thats in the final arina? it was ment to be impossible. cef wanted to make players go up to the challenge. I don't care if anyplayer is complaining. thats the max difficulty.
The gys are not impossible, therefore i don't agree with that idea. The shiny one is necessary yes, because they are sort of crashing the market with their huge drop in value. I also like atharva's resolution to it though. Daiyl reward should at least cut out rb shinies+ because that will also start to decrease the market value of shinies and take away the difficulty in obtaining them, besides ppl just spamming battles to get them
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Beat me? Ha, when Tyranitars fly...

they are not impossible

many players defeated many combinations Big Grin
The umbreon is ok...use serum on a strong atk'er and you'll knock it out especially if move super effective. If your complaining about umbreon then last gym you'll scream your "A" off...couldn't even beat a grunt shiny hardy Blastoggron, crap was bulky may need a special atk beast to take it down
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ruthless aggression everyone & lots of battle items time to play the game                                                                                                [Image: ARHPgfo.png]
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These ideas are not great
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Hmmm... I agree with the second point
i do wish the daily rewards gave better chances to others because i did one that nobody entered and it had 1 hour left and 2 other people entered at last minute and one of them won it and i lost but this has happened at least 3 times so i really dont do the daily rewards no more.

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