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I want these(When it hv *Owned* next to it,means I hv it)
PM in game or here Smile
JK,I made it up,lol
CeF,if u read this,then plz read my idea thread.It is called An...Idea?and u find it in Idea Development.If u already view it,plz comment:}And I post another thread.Plz read and answer.
PM'd u in game as well^^
I hope 2 chat u in game someday^^
I bow 2 u,CeF^^
*Bows 2 CeFurkan*
I was thinking of sharing some of my priorities about the new update, as well as debating with you and knowing yours too.

Currently the ones that I already increased the Level Cap and maximized are: Player & Torchic, Brendan & Sceptile, Hau & Raichu (Alola Form) and Olivia & Lycanroc (Midnight Form).

The next will be Phoebe & Dusclops, but I don't have the Elite Four Notes yet for that. After all 3% is basically trusting RNG and keep playing (and praying: Bless me RNG!). Still not sure who will be next after that, maybe someone to help me farming specific Gears.
yes hello, you seem to be pressing for something. Let's relieve by clicking guide the blue bird in flappy bird to fly through as many pipes as possible. Cheer up, buddy.
I want them too but it seems impossible. io games
Even if it seems unattainable, I still desire them.
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official statement
I desire them
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it is cool

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