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How to PVP in the current meta (and attack in guild wars)
Hey PPets players!

I just recently got promoted to chat master about a month ago, and I wanted to give you guys some tips and give constructive advice, since some of you are probably getting messages of elo attacks or guild war attacks and need advice!

However, there's that question probably.... What if I lose? What if they get online while I'm attacking? What am I going to do? Is it better to just not attack because I'll lose in my attacks?

Fear not! 

I am not exactly a pvp master, but I do consider myself knowledgeable enough to beat some of the top pvpers in the game on occasion in live battles... and always, in cpu battles with a 100 percentage of winning on elo! The way I got there was mostly through taking advice on teams from some of the top pvpers in the game that have paved the road before me.

So, for those of you struggling with attacks and need some help I've come in to help shoot you some tips in this message and some great pokemon for your teams!

So first! Most team compositions rely on 2-3 tanks. 2 is the minimum and 3 is the maximum. Tanks are bulky defense pokemon that can take a hit from literally ANYTHING. So you know those pesky absol-nulls? Those sm meloettas? Those annoying perish song pokemon? Ya this is for you! These tanks have movesets that are focused towards a few things. Stat clearing, in case the opponent is buffed up or debuffing you, or using the strong defensive stats and turning them into raw attack power! eg : body press steelix. 

Here are some of the a-typical tanks that will never let you down, and are some of the most meta right now.
If you feel like you are talented enough to try your own tank variations out like myself, I suggest not doing it until you get some experience with friendly battles and see if it’s viable first, instead of going in and flopping off the bat (save yourself the trouble..seriously… I didn’t, so just take it as a word of advice from someone who suffered bitterly through trial and error.) 

Tank option number 1 :


Shiny-Blaggron. This pokemon with these abilities, will never fall for status moves and be able to heal in the same move with life dew. So if an imprisoner is out on the field, just immediately swap to this guy! Not only that, but haze will take out the stats of those sm-umbreons used for buffing. Body Press will literally take out chunks of health on even the opponents tanks with this guys base stats in battle of 1,900 defense and sp defense respectively with the selected abilities I placed on it for you.

Tank option number 2 :


Shiny-Mega-Steelix. You can also put the evs in pure defense, but I rather like the option to cover it's biggest weakness which is sp attackers. Hence why the careful nature and stats allocated appropriately. Protect for obvious reasons as well as using it as your buff move with body press. Dig for priority move, and screech for debuffing enemy tanks with ease to one shot them. In all, this tank along with blaggron work like right twix and left twix. They go hand in hand for the ultimate beatdowns, since they work as brutal attackers as well as giving probably the most solid defense in the game.

Tank option number 3 :


Shiny-Mega-Cloyster. Highly underrated and incredibly underused. The reason for putting this at number 3 over other pokemon is because of how simple and easy it is to use this pokemon. I use this pokemon on occasions when I need to sweep someone under the rug. It’s my hidden dagger of sorts in pvp. It’s easy to use in situations where the opponent is trying to outbuff you, or sends in a brutal physical attack focused pokemon. It’s weakness however, is against pokemon with stat clearing. However, it works against psych-up players if you play it right. First simply buff up this guy with protect then shell smash 3 times to max attack, sp attack and evasion stats. Then, protect yourself back up to max or near max. And from there… simply spam like your life is going to end...until the opponent plays in a haze pokemon that is. But even against sp attack mons, this guy will stand tall once the full buff is in effect. Overall very fun to use and pretty wicked.

Tank option number 4 :


Shiny-Solglaleo Null. This pokemon is all purpose in some sense since at start, it can either go attack based or defense based. However, it works in my opinion, as a great tanker, rather than attacker. Reason is simple. It’s got variability in moveset ability, where you can adjust psych up, with either : sleep talk, protect etc. The reason some of you might be thinking, “huh? But why critical immunity morahs? And why slow tough instead of cautious?” The answer is simple. Many of the meta pokemon in pvp are landing criticals like it’s finding eggs on easter. Meaning yes, the top pvpers (myself included actually) have over 50 percent raw stat for crit chance. Put crit master on an already brutal attacker? They’re nailing an 80 percent chance at dealing double damage with an already strong attack. Also not cautious over slow strong, is because feint, the priority move with a +2. This move cannot be missed in critical situations. Meaning sometimes, you’ll need to outspeed the poke that’s barely hanging on with a survival armor at the end of the match. And if you miss? It’s over.

Tank option number 5 :


Shiny-Mega-Zygarde. This poke honestly could be a lot higher, had it been the previous meta. It’s so freaking easy to use. Haze for stat resets, thousand waves for trapping a sweeper in combat with you. And coil for buffing as well as having core enforcer for dragon pokemon. It’s basic, easy to use and has no real defectiveness other than the fact it can be weak if you remove camouflage to raise stats even higher, since any smart pvper will carry an ice typer.


That’s all for the tanks, and for the next few pokemon, these will be your sweepers, and status inflictors. This time we are going to abandon the scale since all of these require skill to some degree and you need to learn how to know when to swap out sweepers when you don’t have the priority or ability to one shot the opponent’s pokemon.

Sweeper number 1 :


Shiny-Mega Flygon Burrower. This pokemon is enough on it’s own to demolish almost any tank on the field with return or first impression. With these raw stats leading up to a frightening 2,500 attack (for myself) on these abilities. As well as a high crit rate with a good prestige level  or account bound items, this pokemon is devastating. The only time this pokemon will need a swap, is if you meet a pokemon with higher priority movesets like absol-null, which will also be on this list and is probably the most used sweeper right now in the game.

Sweeper number 2 :


Shiny-Absol Null. Nani? Is that you? Yep! It is. This guy is brutal and is something that will destroy certain teams’ tanks single-handedly, giving you the complete flow of the game in checkmate, assuming you play the rest out properly. Survival armor lets you get at least 2 perish songs off on any pokemon and the abilities speak for themselves. It can hit anything...ANYTHING, with brutal speed and priority if needed to outspeed other sweepers for that critical one-up.

Sweeper number 3:


Shiny-Mega-Zoroark Illusionist. Personally my favorite sweeper that I use these days. With beyond type, accuracy master, imprison and effect expert, you’ll always land a sleep status on the opponent. The thing is, I also use this as a hard counter against absol null with its +3 prio fake out, matching absol null in priority… up until you look at the pokemon’s raw and beastly speed stats. This thing will outspeed an absol null any day in a duel. It also has u-turn in case I start the battle with an unfavorable position and land a bit of chip damage before switching out to a tank. In all, the knock off move, will essentially land 120 ish base power for 40 moves in pvp, since everyone carries items, and if your crit rate is as high as mine, then you’re getting double that more than half the time. It’s brutal, anti-meta, and has the potential to become the meta.

Sweeper number 4 :


Shiny-Giga Lapras. Wouldn’t be a proper sweeper list without this pokemon right? It’s got the movesets and hp for that matter to shred any poke with spamming horn drill and sheer cold. If you run into a sweeper however, I suggest swapping immediately due to not having camouflage. Most of its undented hp bar and the end of turns is due to the 45 percent regen or so from the orb and expert regenerator. However, that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Avoid going against sm-meloettas or absol nulls with this thing. However, the only other thing to watch out for is if it sees a shiny-giga eternatus on the other side. If the eternatus has higher hp, consider this guy completely ineffective against it due to the nature of sheer cold and horn drill. But if it doesn’t have ev stats in HP just go for it.


Honestly, this is a really simplistic list and I’m always available in game to give more advice, but I can’t give too much of my own info out or even my teams will start getting countered. But these pokes are baseliners to get you started and thriving in pvps since they do well against anything.

Really hope you found this helpful, and if you want to experiment, just look under abilities, pokedex pages, and much more to check out which mons you want to build!

Seeyaaaa - Morahs
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Thanks for sharing it. I think not only me but many people also need the information you are sharing
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