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How Tournaments System Works - Pokemon Pets Game
1: The Tournaments page can be accessed from > https://www.pokemonpets.com/Tournaments.aspx


2: In Tournaments page, you can start your own Tournament, join incoming Tournaments, display history of Tournaments

3: There are 2 categories of Tournaments

3.1: The first category is user composed Tournaments

3.2: The second category is official Tournaments

4: Users can compose their Tournaments. They can determine the rules of the Tournaments as they wish

4.1: Users have to give their own gold as reward. The minimum gold reward to compose a Tournament is 5,000,000 gold. There is no upper limit for rewards

4.2: The ranked 1 player of user composed Tournaments will get 50% of the gold reward, the rank 2 will get 30% and the rank 3 will get 20% of the total Tournament gold reward determined by the Tournament's composer

4.3: The user who is the owner of the Tournament can also join his/her Tournament

4.4: Warning! Collecting gold, Pokemon, etc. from participating players are strictly against rules and will get you get banned. So you have to put your own gold yourself alone


5: User composed Tournaments have the below filterings and possible rules

5.1: Tournament Gold Reward > User himself/herself decides how much gold will be given to the top 3 players of the Tournament. The reward gold amount is immediately deducted from your account when you compose the Tournament. Minimum reward is 5,000,000 gold and there is no upper limit

5.2: Tournament Start Date > You can set start date between 1 hour and 23 hours 59 minutes later than the moment you compose. For example you have selected 2 hours 13 minutes and clicked compose button at the 13:32 game time. The Tournament registrations will started immediately and the Tournament will start at 15:45 game time.

5.3: Maximum Allowed Player Count > You can limit how many players can join your Tournament. It can be set between 8 and 16384.

5.4: Which Class Pokemon Are Allowed > You can limit which Class Pokemon are allowed to join the Tournaments. You can select multiple classes at the same time. Such as allow all Shiny class Pokemon and Mega Legendary Pokemon

5.5: Account Bound Pokemon Only > You can force players to use only account bound or not-account bound Pokemon in their team. Account bound Pokemon are the Pokemon that you get from Reward Shop with Silver Medals.

5.6: Captured by Player Himself/Herself Pokemon Only > Starting from game Version 5.0.0, the Pokemon you captured in wild Pokemon battles or obtained from Pokemon eggs or got from reward shop will be registered to you as you are the first owner. The first owner of the Pokemon will never change again. So with this filter you can force players to use only Pokemon that they are the first owner.

5.7: Maximum Match Duration > You can set maximum allowed Tournament matches duration between 5 and 60 minutes. If the matches does not get ended during this duration, they will be forcefully ended by the system and the next round will start

5.8: Rest Time Between Matches Duration > After each round of the Tournament ended, there will be a resting time period. You can set this period between 5 and 60 minutes.

5.9: Minimum Allowed Pokemon Level > Minimum allowed Pokemon level in player's Tournament team

5.10: Maximum Allowed Pokemon Level > Maximum allowed Pokemon level in player's Tournament team

5.11: Allowed Guilds to Join the Tournament > You can set players only which are members of certain guilds. Multiple guild codes should be seperated with ;. For example LOLzz;Drgns;FiRez. Leave empty for allowing everyone

5.12: Activate Mono-Type Filter > You can allow teams that have certain common types or any common type. Multiple types can be chosen at the same time or any mono type can be allowed. If you do not select any option, no-mono type restriction will be forced to players. Dual type Pokemon are also allowed as long as all Pokemon in your team has at least 1 type in common.


6: There are also forced restrictions stated as below:

6.1: You can not have same Pokemon twice or more in your team. For example having 2 Charizard in your team. So every Pokemon in your team has to have different Pokedex Id

6.2: You can not have 2 or more Pokemon from same Pokemon family (other forms, shiny form or other stages). You can use only 1 Pokemon from each Pokemon family. For example you can not use (Charmander and Charizard) or (Mega Slaking and Mega Slaking Stoneage) or (Charmander and Shiny Charmander) or (Arceus and Arceus Ground) in the same Tournament team

6.3: You can use a Pokemon in only 1 active Tournament. So if you have registered a Pokemon in a Tournament and that Tournament has not ended yet (it does not matter whether started or not), you can not use that Pokemon in any other Tournament. In this case the Unique ID (Identity ID) of Pokemon is checked not the Pokedex Pokemon Id

7: You can join Tournaments as soon as they are composed and change/update your team until the Tournament starts. However when the Tournament started, your team's abilities will be frozen for that particular Tournament. So even if you update your abilities of your team's Pokemon after the Tournament started, only the abilities registered before the Tournament started will be used. You can see actual abilities during the battle moment with clicking Pokemon details.


8: You can see registered players to the Tournament as soon as Tournament composed. However the registered players' team will be hidden until the Tournament gets started.

9: You can ban a player from joining your Tournament. The ban will only be for that particular Tournament. Banned players will be removed from Tournament registered players once the Tournament gets started.

10: If your Pokemon Id gets changed after you have joined the Tournament via transformation, it will be removed from your team when the next round starts. If your team becomes empty, you will be automatically counted as a loser. If both sides team becomes empty, the match will be counted as a draw

11: If your Pokemon level exceeds the maximum allowed Pokemon level during the Tournament, it will be removed from your team when the next round starts. If your team becomes empty, you will be automatically counted as a loser. If both sides team becomes empty, the match will be counted as a draw

12: The changed nature and moves of user team's Pokemon will be applied to the Tournament next match

13: Tournaments processing is checked once every 30 seconds. For example starting another round or checking whether matches in that round is ended or not, etc.

14: If all matches of particular round gets ended earlier than the maximum allowed match time, that round will be ended and next round will get started after the determined rest time

15: If there are still matches not ended yet even though the maximum allowed match time has ended, those matches will be forcefully ended by the system. The match result will be decided as below

15.1: If the match round (for rounds to increase, at least 1 player has to be online and execute moves) is below 10, both player loses the match and it is counted as draw. When draw happens, both players get eliminated from the Tournament

15.2: If Player 1 is live PvP and Player 2 is computer controlled, Player 2 will win

15.3: If Player 2 is live PvP and Player 1 is computer controlled, Player 1 will win

15.4: If Player 1 is live PvP and Player 2 is live PvP too and if neither of the sides did not lose any Pokemon yet, the match will end as draw and both players will get eliminated

15.5: If all above conditions did not meet, the maximum remaining HP percentage having team will be counted as winner. For example lets say Team 1 has 4 Pokemon which has the current HP ratios as 50%, 100%, 0% and 1%. Lets say the Team 2 has the 6 Pokemon which has the current HP ratios as 25%, 25%, 25%, 25%, 25% and 25%. So the Team 1's HP ratios sum is 151% meanwhile Team 's HP ratio is 150%. So the Team 1 will be counted as winner. If both teams HP ratio is equal, the match will be counted as draw so both players will be counted as losers

16: If you are online and not in any battle, you can get into the live Tournament PvP battle automatically when the Tournament battle gets start. This option is enable by default and can be disabled from control panel via "Enter Tournament PvP battles as live battle automatically (If only you were online in last 10 minutes)." > https://www.pokemonpets.com/Settings.aspx

17: When your Tournament Live PvP battle starts, you will hear alert sound and automatically redirected to PvP battles page. In this page, if you are not automatically entered the battle, you can take control of your Tournament battle. This alert sound is on by default and can be turned off from control panel via "When a Guild, ELO PvP or Tournament battle against you gets started, would you like to get an alert music to be played?"  > https://www.pokemonpets.com/Settings.aspx

18: If both players are offline the round count of the match will not progress because computer does not control teams if both players are offline. At least 1 player has to be online and battle for computer to control the other team. When the maximum allowed match duration is reached and the round count is lesser than 10, the match will be considered a draw and both players will be counted as losers. However, if any of players were online until at least round 10, the winner will be decided as explained previously based on Pokemon team's remaining HP ratios.

19: If the next round has odd number of players, randomly chosen one of the players will be automatically counted as a winner and will get to pass the next round

20: In the final round of Tournament, there will be also an extra match for the 3rd place

21: For every round you progress, you will get 1 Tournament point. For 3rd place match, there will be not additional Tournament points. These earned points currently have no other meaningful effect other than statistics

21: Every statistics of your Tournaments history can be found in your profile page as below > https://www.pokemonpets.com/profile.aspx

21.1: Unofficial Tournaments Join / Win / Points

21.2: Unofficial Tournaments Battle Count / Win / Loss / Draw

21.3: Official Tournaments Join / Win / Points

21.4: Official Tournaments Battle Count / Win / Loss / Draw

21.5: Tournament Coins


23: Every player can join any Tournament only with 1 of his account. So you can join different Tournaments with yours different accounts but 1 Tournament with only 1 account of yours. If you get caught, your all accounts may get banned.

24: When you register any Tournament, it will try to register your current bag team Pokemon

25: Once the Tournament starts, players will not be able to join that Tournament or change/update their team. However, players can update any time their move sets or nature. After Tournament started, if you change your registered team's Pokemon Pokedex Id via transformation or form change, it will get removed from your team in Tournament battles.

26: Every round in Tournaments, you will be randomly matched against one another player. Only the winner players will be pass the next round. So Tournament system is based on elimination match system.

27: For example lets say 7 players registered to the tournament as Player 1 to Player 7

27.1: First round will be as below (player's last round 1)

27.1.1: Player 1 vs Player 3 : Winner Player 3
27.1.2: Player 2 vs Player 6 : Winner Player 2
27.1.3: Player 5 vs Player 4 : Winner Player 5
27.1.4: Player 7 - automatically counted as winner

27.2: Second round (player's last round 2)

27.2.1: Player 3 vs Player 5 : Winner Player 3
27.2.2: Player 2 vs Player 7 : Winner Player 7

27.3: Final round (player's last round 3)

27.3.1: Player 3 vs Player 7 : Winner Player 3

27.4: There will be also a match between Player 5 and Player 2 for to be ranked as 3 and this will not be counted as additional round (player's last round 2)

27.4.1: Player 5 vs Player 2 : Winner Player 2

27.5.0: Rank 1 : Player 3
27.5.1: Rank 2 : Player 7
27.5.2: Rank 3 : Player 2

27.6: So it will be always 1 match : winner moves up and loser get eliminated

27.7: For every match you win, you will get 1 tournament point even if you win automatically

28: The second category of Tournaments are Official Tournaments

28.1: Official Tournaments will get composed by the system automatically. The owner of the Tournament will be User Id 3 Account name Administration

29: Official Tournaments have same working but different rewarding system than the user composed Tournaments


30: Once the Official Tournament ends, number 3 ranked player will get extra 3 points, number 2 ranked player will get 5 extra points and number 1 will get extra 10 tournament points

31: In Official Tournaments, you will also earn Tournament coins same amount as points you have earned. This coins are planned to be useful in Tournament reward shop later

32: In Official Tournaments, you will also get Pokemon Eggs based on your final rank. The rank 1 player will get 3 Shiny Pokemon eggs, the rank 2 player will get 1 Shiny Pokemon eggs, the rank 3 player will get 3 Legendary Pokemon eggs and all other participated Players will get 3 Ultra Rare class Pokemon eggs

33: In Official Tournaments, the amount of gold reward you get is depended on how many rounds you have progressed and how many Tournament points you have collected. It will be calculated as below

33.1: Gold Reward = (200,000 * Number of Collected Tournament points) + (200,000 * (1.3 ^ Number of Collected Tournament points) ) + ( (Reached Final Round - 1) * 2,000,000 )

33.2: Based on given Tournament results example above [27]

33.2.1: Player 1 (points 0, final round 1, final rank 4-7) gets (0 * 200,000) + (1.3^0 * 200,000) + ( (1-1) * 2,000,000 )  = 0 + 200,000 + 0 = 200,000 gold and 3 Ultra Rare Pokemon Eggs

33.2.2: Player 2 (points 4, final round 2, final rank 3) gets ( (1+3) * 200,000 ) + (1.3^4 * 200,000) + ( (2-1) * 2,000,000) = 800,000 + (2.85 * 200,000) + 4,000,000 = 800,000 + 570,000 + 4,000,000 = 5,370,000 gold and 3 Legendary Pokemon Eggs

33.2.3: Player 3 (points 13, final round 3, final rank 1) gets ( (3+10) * 200,000 ) + (1.3^13 * 200,000) + ( (3-1) * 2,000,000) = 2,600,000 + (30.28 * 200,000) + 6,000,000 = 2,600,000 + 6,056,000 + 4,000,000 = 12,656,000 gold and 3 Shiny Pokemon Eggs

33.2.3: Player 4 (points 0, final round 1, final rank 4-7) gets (0 * 200,000) + (1.3^0 * 200,000) + ( (1-1) * 2,000,000 )  = 0 + 200,000 + 0 = 200,000 gold  and 3 Ultra Rare Pokemon Eggs

33.2.4: Player 5 (points 1, final round 2, final rank 4-7) gets (1 * 200,000) + (1.3^1 * 200,000) + ( (2-1) * 2,000,000 )  = 200,000 + 260,000 + 2,000,000 = 4,460,000 gold and 3 Ultra Rare Pokemon Eggs

33.2.5: Player 6 (points 0, final round 1, final rank 4-7) gets (0 * 200,000) + (1.3^0 * 200,000) + ( (1-1) * 2,000,000 )  = 0 + 200,000 + 0 = 200,000 gold and 3 Ultra Rare Pokemon Eggs

33.2.6: Player 7 (points 6, final round 3, final rank 2) gets ( (1+5) * 200,000 ) + ( 1.3^6 * 200,000 ) + ( (3-1) * 2,000,000) = 1,200,000 + (4.82 * 200,000) + 4,000,000 = 1,200,000 + 964,000 + 4,000,000 = 6,164,000 gold and 1 Shiny Pokemon Egg


34: Official Tournaments will be composed as below schedule

34.1.0: Game time is based on UTC time zone
34.1.1: Every day - USA time zone - 1:30 AM game time , 20:30 PM local time
34.1.2: Every day - Other time zone - 8:30 AM game time
34.1.3: Every day - India time zone - 15:30 PM game time , 20:30 PM local time
34.1.4: Every day - Germany time zone - 22:30 PM game time , 20:30 PM local time

34.2: Monday - Monotype Tournament. In this category, Tournaments will have different monotype restriction randomly chosen by computer (computer can randomly choose 1 type in each tournament). (Dual types are allowed as long as all of your team Pokemon shares a type). For example only Dragon type for 1:30 AM Tournament, Electric type for 8:30 AM Tournament, Ground type for 15:30 PM Tournament and Water type for 22:30 PM Tournament of Monday's official Tournaments. No duplicate monotype will be chosen in the same day. Let the Tournament's monotype filter be Water. In this case, all Pokemon in your team must have Water type. They can also have other types (dual type Pokemon) as well.

34.3: Tuesday - Specific class Tournament. One of the below category will be chosen for each Tournament in Tuesday Tournaments. No duplicate category will be chosen in same day
Category 1 - only Common and Uncommon class Pokemon are allowed (Common;Uncommon)
Category 2 - only Rare and Ultra Rare and Starter class Pokemon are allowed (Rare;Ultra Rare;Starter)
Category 3 - only Legendary class Pokemon are allowed (Legendary)
Category 4 - only Mega Common, Mega Uncommon,Mega Rare and Mega Starter class Pokemon are allowed (Mega Common;Mega Uncommon;Mega Rare;Mega Starter)
Category 5 - only Mega Ultra Rare and Mega Legendary class Pokemon are allowed (Mega Ultra Rare;Mega Legendary)
Category 5 - all Shiny class Pokemon are allowed ( from Shiny Common to Shiny Legendary you are free to use all except Megas ) (Shiny)
Category 6 - only Shiny Mega Common, Shiny Mega Uncommon, Shiny Mega Rare and Shiny Mega Starter class Pokemon are allowed (Shiny Mega Common;Shiny Mega Uncommon;Shiny Mega Rare;Shiny Mega Starter)
Category 7 - only Shiny Mega Ultra Rare and Shiny Mega Legendary class Pokemon are allowed (Shiny Mega Ultra Rare;Shiny Mega Legendary)

34.4: Wednesday - Any Monotype team (so you can go with Fire type having Pokemon team or Electric type having Pokemon team, etc. Dual types are allowed as long as all of your team Pokemon shares a type)

34.5: Thursday - One of the mono class among below classes. Which one will be determined by computer. No same class will be selected in the same day
34.5.1: Common
34.5.2: Uncommon
34.5.3: Rare
34.5.4: Ultra Rare
34.5.5: Starter
34.5.6: Legendary
34.5.7: Mega Common
34.5.8: Mega Uncommon
34.5.9: Mega Rare
34.5.10: Mega Ultra Rare
34.5.11: Mega Starter
34.5.12: Mega Legendary
34.5.13: Shiny Common
34.5.14: Shiny Uncommon
34.5.15: Shiny Rare
34.5.16: Shiny Ultra Rare
34.5.17: Shiny Starter
34.5.18: Shiny Legendary
34.5.19: Shiny Mega Common
34.5.20: Shiny Mega Uncommon
34.5.21: Shiny Mega Rare
34.5.22: Shiny Mega Ultra Rare
34.5.23: Shiny Mega Starter
34.5.24: Shiny Mega Legendary

34.6: Friday - All 4 Official Tournaments in that day will have the below categories randomly assigned. There will be 1 random category twice for each day
Category 1 - Only self caught Pokemon allowed (the ones you are the first owner including egg and reward shop Pokemon too)
Category 2 - All Pokemon except account bound. No account bound Pokemon is allowed (the ones you get from reward shop via Silver Medals)
Category 3 - Only account bound Pokemon allowed (the ones you get from reward shop via Silver Medals)

34.7: Saturday and Sunday - All Pokemon are allowed without any restriction

35: If you be offline during your Tournament battle but your enemy be online, your team will be controlled by computer AI. But if you have joined the battle as live PvP battle and if you do not continue, after your Pokemon missing to execute a move for 6 times you will be automatically counted as a loser

36: All Tournaments history will be kept forever

37: Both user and official composed Tournaments will be automatically posted on Tournaments chat channel

38: After each Tournament battle ended, you will be redirected to PvP battles board and your match result will be displayed there > https://www.pokemonpets.com/PVPBoard.aspx

39: There are 2 additional drop down filterings when looking for incoming or older Tournaments records. 

39.1.0: Display All Tournaments
39.1.1: Display Only Joined Tournaments
39.1.2: Display Only Not-Joined Tournaments


39.2.0: Display All Players
39.2.1: Display Tournaments that which Only Selected Player is the Owner


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