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How To Get In Lolzz
Heya Ppl as HR (Head Recruiter, I finally found out what it meant!) I would like to propose a new way of recruitment.

Qualifications (Shut Up Zap you've got none)

1) 17 or 18 badges

2) At least two referrals

3) Approval

What are Referrals?(Better not be those 30 minute detentions that zap seems to be in a lot)

Referrals are given by members of our guild. If you'd like a player to join please pm me with a reason.

Approval? Whats that? (BTW zap you are a hypocrite you never wait for approval)

Approval is the final stage, I will present either kunn,sea,shouko or kane with my findings. If they approve they will accept the player.

So how do you get in?

Following the first referral, I will initiate pvp with the player. With the team below. Upon the battle finishing if he/she defeats me I will give an instant referral and a score of A*. If you lose I will still give you a score ranging from F to A. B and above will score you an instant referral from me. However if you fail to score B or above I will still process your application. And its up to kunn,sea,shouko or kane to decide. 

So what is this team?

Iris -

Logan (Non-Shiny) -

Great Wall Of China (Non-Shiny) -

Apollo (Non-Shiny) -

Bliss -

America -

So how do I apply?

Send a pm to me Smile @zap10  In game

"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
Are people supposed to take this seriously?
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
I think we need a new HR manager.
(2017-10-29, 03:37 PM)shoukosumeragi Wrote: I think we need a new HR manager.

Agreed lol
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
for one minute i got shocked what happened with lolzz. thank god  Tongue
I got 17 bagdes zap and I am in the dark city
omg crazy  lol
There is no such rule for joining in LOLzz.The HR title and all was just for humour purpose.
For joining in LOLzz guild only 18 gym badges + nice behaving in chat and game premises is needed.
For all other things contact guild leader sea or shouko.
i believe all misconception got removed by now.
kane I almost got 18 of them
(2017-11-02, 11:19 AM)sparsh Wrote: kane I almost got 18 of them

Your application has been declined multiple times, you're not going to get in.
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
(2017-11-02, 11:19 AM)sparsh Wrote: kane I almost got 18 of them

Your criteria to get in lolzz is to beat me at pvp
Ok kunn
OMG this is sooo not fair Sad   

This is like watching someone egg halle when yr not allowed -_- Sad

"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
I hate lolzz guild Dodgy Dodgy
(2017-11-06, 10:02 AM)sparsh Wrote: I hate lolzz guild Dodgy Dodgy

Does that mean you'll stop begging 24/7 and take NO as an answer?  Tongue
[Image: ezgif-2-1ece84c32476.jpg]
I won't ask Dodgy Dodgy
(2017-11-07, 06:46 AM)sparsh Wrote: I won't ask Dodgy Dodgy

Good Tongue

"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
Now I am in aviad41 co-leader so no need
:P its ok
omg crazy lol

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