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Hey all,
its been a long time since i last came here or played the game. How have you all been? Could someone fill me with what happened since the last time i was active till now. 

It seems like you guys need dz more than ever now Cool Big Grin
Nothing big, A few chaotic moments and all but nothing really. Oh and Cef doesnt owe me anything :P

"I hate you"  - Cynthia Lord

[Image: 1zoc7wp.jpg]
Lookie here, the semi-infamous DZ.
If you're heading back in, wb
If not, good to see the defeat against Croatia didn't kill the 'coming home'-spirit
Quote:You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.  -Winston Churchill
P.S. Unlisted you can't find me here ;-)
welcome back dz

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