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For a new view to battle system.......
In our battle system also have to aad to forget or later button ........because few time be stand to NPC and for some work be offline and also be board view old fighting style .......plz seriously view my point... Thanx u
(2016-03-14, 04:38 PM)CeFurkan Wrote: what do you mean?

I mean some time be are not able to fight with NPC's because of fient pm and some other things like be forgetting we are to close to NPC are we able or not to fight with NPC .........because in my starting point of game some time it's happened ..mostly if I login other day I request u to add leave button also for those who are not able at that time game 
  Thanx u
Plz don't takes other wise .......I well give u my point of view

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