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"Your Pokémon successfully transformed into Beautifly Pokémon!"

Repeatability: Always
Where?: Every time you evolve a pokemon whether using an item, or by level up at [My Team].

Suggested Text:
(1) "Your Pokémon successfully transformed into the Pokémon Beautifly!"

Basically just swapping two words around here. Not so much a grammar issue but just sentence structure, its a little... weird.

"evolved" instead of "transformed" would also be more correct to the original pokemon games.

(2) "Your Pokémon successfully evolved into the Pokémon Beautifly!"

Or just

(3) "Your Pokémon has evolved into Beautifly!"

Any of these would work fine instead, though my preference would be (3); short and simple.
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The best one is (3) "Your Pokémon has evolved into Beautifly!"
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions for improving the text! All three options you provided sound great and convey the message effectively. Option 3 slope does indeed offer a concise and clear message, making it easy for players to understand.

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