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Drawings - Suggestion
Good day or night to you

I am an amateur drawer that is currently drawing Pokemon for the Pokemon Pets. I am working on some Normal-Type pokémon and I got a wise advice for one of the creator.

I need your advice on one of the Megas I am working on...

[Image: 2015-44-1446286408-mega-ditto.png]

I dunno if the link work, I am not used to forums Confused

Well it is Mega-Ditto. I hesitate between giving him an appareance of a better looking Mew-Clone (since rumors said he is a failed clonning attempt) but still not looks like him or simply a big round, blobby and gooey pink ball with Ditto's face (and a quite simple one) 

What would you think suits well to Mega-Ditto?
your image fails

please upload deviantart
Have a nice day about your ideas

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