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Dooming Gym Of War(How to get in)
For further hires,I am putting requirements.
At least 2 Badges.
6+ Pokemon
Approval from me(Ask in this thread)
Team Chart(Updated when we get more members):
Zayden Aegislash(Me)
Once I have transferred all my pokemon to pokemon home I will have every pokemon except for 5 event pokemon ( Genesect, Meloetta, Hoopa, Volcanion, Zeraora). I am sad I will be so very close to finishing the pokedex but will never actually finish it. Hopefully they will pop up in sw/sh in the future.
hahah. mendrzyckibm
Thanks for your honest advice. I will note these. great article, keep contributing good articles! When you're bored at school or at home, this poppy playtime game will keep you entertained.

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