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hello to all, As we know that in upcoming vesion,"version 3 Major implimentation " Has major change in the game and it is create lots of interest in game.but i have also one idea,it has create lots of interest.
every pokemon have a single shiny and player are captured almost all type of shiny
but if shiny pokemon also divided into 3 forms like 
1.platinum shiny(most powerful)
2.golden shiny(moderate powerful)
3.silver shiny(normal powerful)
that means each of the pokemon have 3different form  and this implementation create 3 times more shinies in the gameSmileSmile...
then number of mega gem also increased..
i think you all thought what about previous captured shiny,then it is no big issue.
in previous captured shinies are Converted into golden and silver form...
What a through of ur .........
1.) We need many artist to draw them all 
2.) It will be hard for hunters to find and why would we still need them if there are MEGA-SHINY & SHINY-MEGA-LEGENDARY
3.) PLATINUM and SILVER are the same in color Tongue
[Image: grimmjow_signature__by_ruki_rukia-d7mgjue.png]
Only way I'd agree is if those tiers just take the current shinies and rank them based on natures and ivs. That's too much coding, so this idea goes down the drain.

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