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Dialga's Dragon Pulse
Hi I'm Charmander Shiny moving on from the Introduction So why Doesn't Dialga have Dragon Pulse?
[Image: attachment.php?aid=741]
Dialga in games does not learn the move via level up, also it was a TM in Gen 4(iirc) & 5, but was removed in Gen 6, why there is no way for Dialga to learn Dragon Pulse.
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it is great idea powerful
groudon is good

(2017-03-14, 04:03 AM)Evzekiel Wrote: lolololololololololol

that post of no dragon pulse was way before update at that time dialga does not have dragon pulse
now it have tho.
That comment about there being no dragon pulse was made a very long time ago, well before the most recent update. At the time, Dialga did not have dragon pulse.

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